Why MonkeyPesa CRM outranks Nimble CRM

By May 5, 2020 CRM

Nimble CRM based in the US is a great CRM Tool. Nimble holds its strength in Office 365 and G-suite focusing mainly on the 2 categories. This is ideal for some companies.

For larger companies, however, this may not be ideal. CRM is not just about contacts, deals, leads and contacts. It requires better integration across several departments.

Questions asked:

  1. How does the CRM integrate between Sales, Marketing, and other departments?
  2. What is the pricing?
  3. Is there any automation involved?

These 3 questions are where MonkeyPesa outranks Nimble CRM, the platform is built to integrate several departments in one tool. Sales, Marketing, Customer support, and accounting Data seamlessly communicate to make the experience better for everyone in the organization.