What Is The Best Time To Post On LinkedIn

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While building a social media brand for your company or yourself, to post on LinkedIn is an avenue worthy of consideration.

It has been discovered that LinkedIn would be a good ground for you to market and promote your products worldwide. The social network is used by recruiters, salespeople, and business people and that’s why it’s often used during work hours.

LinkedIn is also a great networking platform that can build and strengthen your business relationships and can be used to publish your own content, for example, your own articles to provide others with valuable information that will eventually lead them back to your website.

LinkedIn is a social networking site designed specifically for the business community. The goal of the site is to allow registered members to establish and document networks of people they know and trust professionally.

LinkedIn was co-founded by Reid Hoffman, a former Executive Vice President in charge of business and corporate development for PayPal. The site, which was launched in May 2003, currently has over 300 million members from 200 countries, representing 170 industries. According to Reid Hoffman, 27 percent of LinkedIn subscribers are recruiters.

The stand of LinkedIn in terms of statistics.

  • LinkedIn has 675 million users
  • 310 million people are monthly active users
  • 167 million users are from the US
  • It has 46.97% monthly, active users
  • The number of new members of LinkedIn per second is 2
  • 46 million students and recent college graduates are on LinkedIn
  • 57% are male users and 43 % are females.
  • The average income of a LinkedIn user currently stands for $46644 per year
  • 90 million users are senior-level influencers with 63 million in decision-making positions
  • 6 out of 10 users actively look for industry sights.
  • 280 feed updates are reviewed annually
  • 92 % of marketers include LinkedIn in their digital marketing mix.

LinkedIn can be accessed on your mobile devices (there are mobile apps too)  which is more convenient in today’s world, on computers or on every other device that can be used to access the internet.

This makes it easy for you to access it every time you want and wherever you are; at your homes, offices or traveling places. It seems that professionals tend to consume their LinkedIn feed in the morning, right before or during their lunch break and right after work.

So, even though LinkedIn is intended for professional use, the ideal posting times are still before and after work.

The best ideal time to post on LinkedIn would therefore be,

  • Tuesday at 7 am -8 am, 10 am -11 am, 12 pm, 5 pm -6 pm
  • Wednesday at 7 am -8 am, 10 -11 am, 12 -1 pm, 5 -6 pm
  • Thursday 7-8am, 10-11pm, 12-1pm, 5-6 pm.

Best times to post on Instagram

Low engagement with LinkedIn, on average, occurs on Mondays and Fridays because people are getting into the workweek and others leave the office early to start a weekend respectively. Weekends can also be good days to post since some people get time to catch up with their social media platforms.

The real deal-breaker hours to post on LinkedIn are between 10 pm to 6 am because most people are sleeping and therefore your content will disappear without being seen or viewed by anyone.

However, it would be good for an individual or a company to find out their best time to post on LinkedIn and this can be done by finding out manually through testing and uncovering the exact time your content gets the most engagement or using social media analytic tools like Quintly to measure engagement with the platform and this helps you to personally identify the best time to post on LinkedIn and this will boost your engagement.

LinkedIn analytics as displayed on Quintly

LinkedIn gets the most clicks, shares, and comments right before work, after work, and during lunchtime especially on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

LinkedIn, is the union of professional and social networking. The site is therefore good for B2B companies since most of the business professionals use it during business hours and mid-week. Just like on every other social media network, attracting an engaged audience on LinkedIn requires you to craft compelling content.

Here are some of the considerations that should be emphasized before you post on LinkedIn.

Obviously, there are benefits when you post on LinkedIn

Know your audience

Who are they? How old are they? Where do they live? What’s their commute like? What do they do for work? What are their challenges and pain points? What social networks do they use? Do they scroll through their feeds on a phone or computer? This will help to figure the kind of content to post and when.

Use the same content to test different times

Like any good experiment, you need consistency to accurately measure results. While testing times, use the same content. This will help you to know which is the best time to post on LinkedIn and the kind of content your audience loves most.

Consider location

Scheduling, with respect to time zones, is crucial.  Post on LinkedIn on different days and times since people in these different time zones will be engaged with their social media platforms at different times or simply schedule the content throughout the day and night for 24-hour engagement.

Use the right tools

Use social media analytics to find out when most of your followers are engaging with their social media platforms, this will help to find out the best times to post on LinkedIn and days that can yield good results upon posting. Once you have that information you can schedule all your posts during those periods. Read More:

Social Selling LinkedIn tools by TopDog Social Media

Keep an eye on the competition

When do your competitors get a high number of likes, shares, retweets, reactions, and comments? Test those times as well as an opposing schedule, this will help to find out whether those times when your competitors are posting would work for you as well. It’s good to take note of what other people who are in the same industry as you are doing.

Continue to test, measure results and establish the effectiveness of your posting days and times.

Find the times that work best for you to post on LinkedIn and never stop testing because audience habits and network algorithms change. Track social media reports to find out the most engaging time for each post.


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