What is monkeypesa

By December 18, 2019 December 24th, 2019 News

MonkeyPesa is a news, content and technology company
About Our Content

We provide business content including Content/shows like

a) New African Thinking

b) News

c) Startup stories

d) People, money and Power

e) Financial tips


Business Management Platform:

MonkeyPesa provides a business management Engine that helps start ups and mid sized companies manage there businesses. The platform is under construction ready to be launched in June 2020.


Marketing platform:  

Enables disbursement of marketing content. We enable you market to your clients via  

a) Facebook,  

b) Facebook messenger,  

c) Twitter,  

d) Twitter direct messages,  

e) YouTube 

f) SMS,  

g) Email,  

h) Landing Pages 

i) Ads: Integrate with google adwords and Facebook Ads platform to enable the creation of ads.  


Analysis of marketing Data: Information needed 

  1. New Leads 
  2. New communications 
  3. New followers 
  4. Customer sentiment by network 
  5. Ads performance 
  6. Emails Sent, open rate, reply rate 
  7. SMS Sent, open rate, reply rate 




  1. Enables client, vendor and partner data storage: Information needed, name, email, phone, company, relation (Vendor, Customer, Partner, Banker, Debtor) leave editable field, Also add social fields to match them to customer 
  2. Activity log: Any activity that happens whether SMS 
  3. Enables 2 way communication via  Facebook,  facebook messenger,  Twitter,  Twitter direct messages,  Instagram,  Email,  Skype,  whatsapp  SMS 


Sales Platform: 

Built to make sales and sales management easier: 

  1. Pipelines 
  2. Calendar
  3. Storage for Documents that can easily be shared PDF and Word for easy share and tracking of sales  
  4. Tasks 


Customer Care: 

Live Chat