What is a Business Management Software

By December 18, 2019 News

Every Business, no matter how small has several departments. The most reknown being Sales, Marketing, Customer care and Accounting. As a start up or growing company ow

ner/ manager/ department head, you must be in position to track and effectively manage each and every one of these component even as the company grows.

Which Components does one look at while managing a Business:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Care
  • Accounting
  • HR
  • Inventory


For effective management you would either need to have several softwares to help you manage each component of your company or follow the developing trend of having one software to help you manage all these components as a single unit under one softwares.

I personally would recommend managing all these as a single software.

Each of these components requires extensive attention. Here is a list of the softwares that could help you fully manage your Business in a single software

  1. Hubspot Price: $400-$3200 per user Location: USA
  2. Zoho: Price range $35- $130 per user. Built in
  3. MonkeyPesa: Built for Businesses in Africa and the rest of the world Price: $9.99 -$39.99

The 3 stated above are the best Single Business Management softwares for businesses basing on location and price