Ways To Grow Your Email List

By June 22, 2020 Blog, Marketing

The biggest asset of email marketing is undoubtedly a heavy email list. You need to pick interest to grow your email list to increase conversions and grow your business.

Email helps cultivate personal relationships with potential customers and the results can be seen by the marketer in real-time.

Statistics show that at least 94% of internet users have and use email. This means, that out of any 10 users at any given, at least have access to emails and that presents a wide scope of reach. Access to almost everything on the internet has an option for email and more often than not, people opt for the email option.

Did You Know? – There is three times the number of email accounts as there are Facebook and Twitter accounts combined.

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The ROI (Return On Investments) on email marketing is high basing on the fact the emails only go to the targeted audience i.e. people who sign up for the work and have granted you access to their emails.

If you have a solid email capture system in place, you now have 5-10% of those views returning to read, share, comment, purchase, etc.


According to AdWeek, Twitter click-through rates (CTR) get drastically worse the more followers you have. As an example, they shared that Mashable, a big name company with millions of followers, gets a CTR of just 0.11% on its tweets.

The CTR for Facebook ads isn’t much better unless a figure like 0.07% looks promising to you.

Email, on the other hand, is an ace in the deck. Comparatively, it wipes the floor with social media when it comes down to CTR, conversions, social reach, and ROI.


How to Grow Your Email List


1. Ask Your Social Media Followers To Subscribe – Regularly

Like we saw in the introduction, Email marketing converts at a significantly higher rate than social media, which is why email subscribers are significantly more valuable than social followers.

It costs you nothing to get them to help you grow your email list and sign up for those updates.

2. Segment Your Email List

This will be aimed at sending particularly targetted content. Instead of hitting unsubscribe, the prospects will keep glued to your work because they find it directed to solving their problems

3. Scrub Your Email List

Email scrubbing is removing unengaged subscribers from your email list so that you can market only to people who want to receive your emails. This will drastically improve the email open rates.

4. Do Blogging

If you are not doing it already, please start now. It will help you rank high in search engines and you can as well include prompts for people to sign up for your email list, hence growth

5. Do Giveaways

Require participants to sign up with their email address, and give them additional entries when they share the giveaway on social media.


6. Quiz

Use informational activities like Quizzes to engage with your following and require them to share their email addresses if they are to take part.

7. Ask for feedback

Find out what your customers know about you through various online survey platforms and you can even go ahead and ask about the kind of content they hope to see.

8. LinkedIn Groups

Participate in LinkedIn groups to become known as an expert, and then post the link to your opt-in landing page when the time is right.

9. Share Buttons

Add sharing buttons to your email signature, your thank you page, and to your lead magnets themselves so that your existing subscribers can spread the word for you.

10. Facebook Sign Up

Add a signup button to your Facebook Page, and here is how you can go about it.


11. Guest Blogging

On top of blogging for yourself, you can tap into outer spheres by blogging on other pages and leaving your details for more information and inquiries.

12. Show your credibility

Add credibility by explaining what qualifies you to give them this information.



You can grow your email list healthily in these 12 steps and even more and these are bound to increase your conversion rates from email.


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