How To Increase The Volume Of Sales For Your Company

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If you are looking up to grow, you must find ways to get new customers and also maintain the old ones so that they can make new or repeated purchases and increase your volume of sales.

Many companies out here have amazing products in stock but are not making sales not because they don’t have people to do it but at times they don’t know to do it or how to implement it. If a company is making sales that’s one of the strategies for it to excel unlike when it is not


To increase your volume of sales. you need to train your sales team so that you keep at the top of your competitors, find out what has been working out for you in the past months and what didn’t work for you so that you can easily penetrate through the market. To hit revenue and growth goals, companies must continuously increase sales volume.

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Increasing the volume of sales is not simply the responsibility of sales representatives but also the sales manager, members of the sales team and the business owner, you are all concerned about how to increase sales volume. Everyone in the company is concerned about increasing sales numbers.

Sales volume measures the amount of the product sold out by a company in a specific period. Understanding your volume of sales can tell you what products are and aren’t selling and this is valuable information for business growth. Sales drive and fuel business growth as well as funding new ventures.

How to Increase the Volume Of Your Sales

 1. Plan on how to make a pitch

Preparing and planning before going out to the field is essential for all sales representatives. If you have to meet a customer it’s always good to prepare like a day before so that you can deliver your best and leave at least when the customer is fully convinced. Whether you are to meet the customer physically or on a phone it’s always to practice before especially when you are meeting a new customer.

2. Focus on your customers more.

Making Customers Happy Increases Sales Volume – Ian J Golding

However much you are targeting to make a sale it is not always good to set your first conversation at your products and services, the most important thing is building a rapport first.  Switch your mind into talking about customers daily needs, wants and solutions and you can easily introduce in your products as a solution to all his needs thus it be much easier for the sales representative to make a pitch by focusing on the benefits of using his or her product as long as a customer sees that indeed your product can be a solution thus a representative will be able to increase the volume of sales if a deal is closed.


3. Make your best sales representatives a priority

For all businesses, if you want to succeed you must put your best foot forward. Making your best sales representatives a priority can be one of the best ways of increasing sales volume. Take time and understand which sales representatives bring very many clients with the potential for buying or using your service. After that, because these are experienced, they can easily bring clients on board with good potential. More so recognizing them as the best make them feel recognized and encouraged to work much harder. Allow your representatives to target areas that are much of high class, this will allow them to plan accordingly on how they can generate more customers thus increasing the sales volume.


4. Know your product at your fingertips

As a salesman who wants to increase the sales volume of your product, you must properly know your because there is no way how a customer can be convinced to buy your product when he or she is not well satisfied with the benefits. Highlight and understand those unique features first and explain them to the customer so that he or she can understand how unique your product is different from others since there could be so many products on the market that perform similar functions.

5. Put your customers at the center

Keeping your customers at the front can be one of the best ways of increasing the volume of your sales. Remember that you are in a competitive market where there are so many people producing the same product as you do but of course you have to keep moving. Your customers are your strength and stand and so before they make a purchase they want to first analyze whether your product is worth their time and money, it is a good if you are prepared enough and well equipped with everything about your product because that will help you explain to a customer how he or she will benefit directly because most of the buyers are always interested in a product that will be worth their money, save their time and also improve the quality of their lives.


6. Make use of your website and social media platforms

Internet marketing is another effective way of increasing sales volume; create a website where you can always post your products so that your followers can get to see them online. There could be some people who might pick interest in your products and wish to make a purchase therefore you can always start your first conversation from here until the prospective client becomes a real buyer.


7. Listen to your customers carefully and plan accordingly

Listening to your supporters or customers first is one of the most important things, giving attention to your customers helps you to clearly understand their needs or wants and of course as a good salesman you are ought to use this chance to study their needs so that when you are making a pitch it is directly addressing their problem or their wants and in this way, they will be convinced to purchase.


8. Set goals for your sales representative

Goal setting is the most effective way of generating bigger sales volume, a person who works with a target to hit performs much better than a person who works with no goal. Goals drive performance crazy especially if there is a benefit at the end of it all. You can always set goals for your sales representatives. Set for them goals that are not too hard to achieve and not easy to achieve as well they should be challenging goals that can be achieved. if you set extremely hard goals for your team, they will be discouraging and de-motivating  and thus the team will not achieve them while easy goals also make the team to be lazy and seem boring so stretchy goals can be the best.


9. Offer something for free to your customers.

Once customers make purchases don’t forget about them easily instead give them more attention after buying something. The more attention you give them by either attending to their immediate concerns or giving them free samples, the more they get attracted to the business. Also, the more they are likely to become loyal buyers and repeated customers. You can always invite them to come along with their family and friends. When customers come and make purchases offer them something for free, this can be a drink, sweets or anything that would amaze them depending on their gender because men, women, and children have a different preference. This pulls the bond of attachment closer and nearer, this will help you to build more relationships and friendships with your business thus increasing your volume of sales.


10. Prospect and qualify your leads carefully

Not wasting so much time on prospects who might not be converted into potential buyers would be an effective method of promoting the volume of sales as well. It is always good to first qualify a prospect to find out whether this particular person is more likely to become a buyer of your product or not. A person might be interested in your products and services but his or her capacity might be thus not qualifying as a lead yet he or she took so much of your time. You can find out when a certain prospect will qualify or not by asking so many questions about what they if they like your products or services and how much they are willing to pay for your services and in this way, you will be able to sieve out who qualifies as a buying customer and who doesn’t.

11. Align the sales and marketing team

Aligning sales and marketing teams is one of the best things you can do to increase your sales volume. The sales and the marketing team work hand in hand meaning that to produce quality and perfect work, the sales and marketing teams have a lot in common than anyone else could think, for the sales team; they find out the potential customers for the business. Then the job of the marketing team is to attract these specific potential supporters, this clearly shows that sales and marketing teams need to be coordinated together. When marketing and sales are consistent, the business will significantly increase sales volume. If there is no communication between marketing and sales, the connection between them is broken and eventually, the company’s revenue and sales volume reduces.


12. Good customer relationship management

For a business to grow you need to have constant income revenue streams and who or where are these constant income revenue streams? Of course, they are none other than your customers. Do you think your customers are simply attached to your business for free? Of course! No, so what is that is unique about your business that makes them stay? It is customer relationship management. Good customer relationship management is a great tool towards maintaining and keeping your customers around and these are now and future supporters to keep your business growing hence increasing the volume of sales as repeated purchases are made and revenue.


13. Motivate your sales representatives by giving them some incentives.

In the world of business and work, motivation is a great tool towards performance, motivating salespeople can help them work more efficiently and ultimately sell more products. Understand the requirements of salespeople and advise on sales and customer collaboration. Motivate the most productive salespeople to sell more products and boost productivity. Motivated employees work with good team spirit and usually aim at promoting a company’s name and producing high-quality products. Motivation gives employees positive energy to work more and harder thus increasing the rate of productivity as well as sales volume.

14. Be reliable, dependable and trustworthy.

In business, if your language and products are not consistent then you are likely to lose out in the game. If you are a businessman or woman but without truth and respect for your customers then just know that your business is on the verge of its collapse. Being reliable, dependable and trustworthy is important in a business because it earns you respect and credibility and these are some of the most important credentials in maintaining and keeping your customers around of which these are repeated buyers and this increases the volume of sales for your business in the long run.

In conclusion, increasing the volume of sales for your business is crucial because it increases your revenues in the long run.


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