Understanding the Role of Social Media in Digital Marketing.

By March 13, 2020 Blog, Marketing

Currently Internet users are over 3.4 billion and social media users are over 2 billion, so why not think of social media? As one of the best marketing and supportive tools in trying to promote your brand.

As you think of developing or start a digital marketing company then think of social media because this is a platform that connects people around the whole globe and more so connects clients to services providers and either connects business brands to their respectful and target clients.

This helps to expand the business quickly in the shortest time period possible and efficiently therefore as you think of promoting a brand then think about social media as one of the best tools to go along with.

Developing a website alone is not enough as a digital marketing strategy but instead it requires supplements like having social media platforms. Having a digital marketing company without the support of social media would seem like you don’t need customers. Social media builds a strong foundation for any digital marketing company because it’s through social media that these companies are able to get in touch with customers or clients.

Social Media Marketing refers to the use of Social Media platforms like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram to promote a business or the products and services. It is one of the digital marketing techniques used to drive traffic and attract the targeted audience.

Using social media to market a brand is friendly in terms of costs because most of the posts are seen organically without incurring so many expenses.

The role of social media in digital marketing is vital and shouldn’t be neglected; let’s look at some of these roles and how they are actually Impactful in respect to promoting a brand.

Managing brand Reputation

Having your brand’s content on social media is so helpful because clients are able to approach the rightful service provider since there is always a room for communication involved or taking place in between the client and the service provider. More so it helps the service provider to be in control of his or her own business by not giving space to other companies that would claim to be giving the same services. Being in control of your business is helps you to get direct solutions to the existing problems because for example it easy for the service provider to quickly reply to a client who could be having a problem with services or in need of any inquiries thus being able to manage the negative comments while maximizing on the positive ones.

It is a good marketing strategy

Having social media accounts on most of the social media platform is worth more like if not better than advertising on a television or a radio. Having to use social media for advertising helps you to meet new and right customers. It helps you in achieving smart goals that is having specific goals that are measurable, achievable, realistic and timely, reachable and ethical.

Social media Improves website traffic

Social media is a good strategy for improving for improving sales and drive website traffic.  More so it leads to improving your ranking in Google search engine especially when people are searching about your product, social media brings or throws up all the related aspects in response to what is being search about and this may help you be able to find some potential customers or clients and this will help you improve your leads. This can as well be referred to social media marketing where platforms like facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn are used

Helps to formulate, engage, and maintain Relationships.

At least each and everyone in the world has a friend who they have acquired from social media and may be you have not even met physically but always engage and talk through social media. I believe the friends we meet and acquire through social media can actually be the best friends who we can easily convert into loyal customers or clients who many help our brands to grow in one way or the other. Through social media you can be able to connect with a huge number of people as many of these platforms have no restriction to the number of people that you would like to follow or follow you back. Social media allows you to reach out to new people, build, and maintain relationships. It can help you to track and understand your customer’s behavior, tastes and preferences. Having valuable and appropriate information about your brand on social media can also help you understand what your people think about your business and what other competitors are doing by simply tracking their comments and reactions on your products and services.

Overcome the powers of Competition

Being engaged with social media early enough can help you overcome and beat the powers of competition from your competitors and other small emerging businesses that are in the same line as you. Being engaged with social media earlier than all your competitors helps you to pull attention of all your audience those who follow you or those who don’t but can be able to see your products and services. Catching or gaining attention early enough helps you gain some loyal customers and this means that even if other competitors came up it would be hard for your brand loyal customers to adjust or change their mind to switch to another service provider; this in turn helps you to maintain your customers thus growing and developing your brand.

Increases sales

Through using social media marketing it’s actually very possible to increase sales at a high rate this is because as customer get to see your products on media platforms some of them always want to follow up and actually get to the service provider because they are in need of his or her service. This shows that actually without social media where you can advertise your products and services you wouldn’t find such customers. To keep them coming simply post more content on all your social media platforms, indicate your website such that those who want to find out more information are able to visit your website and this will increase sales for your brand.

Improves your Brand Image and Brand Loyalty

Having consistent information about business on social media improves your brand loyalty, this is because each time customers visit your page or see your products are consistent, this gives confidence to even those who seem to have little interest to reach you simply because they are coming to trust your products and getting used to them. It becomes easy for customers to reach to your business when there is good and quick response to their problems or complaints because there is a always a room for direct communication involved between the service provider and the consumer. Brands that involve in direct communication with customers seem to friendly to them and a approachable which enhances a good perception of your brand and also the brand image.

Cost effective and pocket friendly

With the exception of the other online digital marketing tools, social media is free to use and promote your products and services. You can create a page of your business and market your products without spending a single coin on it. Target your audience, achieve reports, connect with customers, learn their interests, approach them, solve their queries, reply on their feedback, make improvements, do daily updates and a lot more without costing a lot of money.

Builds your business brand  

Brands that usually post their products and services with consistency usually gain trust from customers which makes it easy for them to approach the service provider in case of the need for his or her products because they start relying on the brand. Posting consistent information gives confidence to a consumer that your brand is trustworthy and real which makes them start to become loyal to your brand. Therefore in order to build your brand quickly and effectively with in the shortest possible time period you need social media to take you far and to the greater heights.

Increases the rate of conversions

Every post your share, post, update, comment on social media has a higher probability of turning leads to conversions. For each positive reaction you receive over the image probably leads to your conversion. So, the more attractive content you post on your site the more conversions you are likely get, visual content is most preferred by many people so it would be good if you uploaded content with more videos and images to make your content bolder in the industry. This will be extremely helpful in increasing the conversion rate.

 Improves Insights

Social media helps you to find out insights about your customers, this done by using social media analytics. Finding out more about your customers is really important because it helps you learn more about them, their interests, behavior and this would be easy for you to approach them and automatically connect with them. Knowing their interests helps you  know what content to post because you have to post something that is in line with their wishes and interests of so that you cam be able to gain more leads and conversion. It is healthy and good to know the behavior of your customers since it helps you to know how you can actually improve your business to make it a better and hospitable brand for everyone.

 Social Media is a good Platform to Research.

Social media is such a good platform to help you research at a free cost, researching first of all; helps you understand what you competitors are doing with their brands and how they are actually getting more of them and how they interact with them, this helps find new ways on how you can out compete them and pull their customers to your side. It also helps you understand more about your customers so that you can devise means to treat them accordingly.

In conclusion social media is such an interesting site (a must have) for you to grow your brand organically, attract and retain more customers, build brand loyalty, know your target audience and their behavior and interests and also reach out to a good number of people out there that anyone wouldn’t expect. All the social media platforms are really a good deal to have because at each platform you have new and different followers so it’s good to accounts on facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn for business and professional purposes, Tumblr, Pinterest and Reddit as well as snapchat.

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