Uganda goes on lockdown amidst the Corona Virus Pandemic

By March 18, 2020 News

As a measure of prevention, ahead of cure, President Museveni this evening more or less put the country under lockdown with immediate effect.

President Museveni has ordered the closure of schools and suspended religious gatherings across the country in an attempt to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

There has not been any recorded case of the virus in Uganda but the President says these are measures to make sure Uganda is ready to stay clean of the pandemic as the world at large tries to find a specific answer to the scourge.

Other canceled events include Public rallies, any elections, cultural meetings, merrymaking in bars, clubs and sports events.

In a wave of boost for local businesses, President Museveni said, “On the side of the economy, there is no doubt that some sectors like tourism, hotels, sports, entertainment, etc., will be hit by the phenomenon of this disease. However, others like the manufacturing sector will get a boost. ”

“The countries of the World, by their selfish actions, are, again, waking up Africa that it is ─ suicidal to depend on others.”

Foreigners and their property getting into the country will undergo mandatory quarantine and the President understands this is going to deal a heavy blow in imports and went on to quote, “The blocking of imports should, therefore, get the long-sleeping Ugandans to wake up and use the huge amount of money they long earned by turning our market into a dumping point for foreign goods to build our own manufacturing capacity.”

With a lot of supply now to come from within the country herself, it is still unclear what is going to become of the economy with the projected reduction in the flow of foreign currency.

“Through the BUBU, we shall help those groups. Everything you have been importing, except for petroleum products for now, now make here. The US$7bn you have been using to import, keep it here. Turn misfortune into an opportunity.”


“All outbound movements of all Ugandans going to or through Italy, France, South Korea, China, UK, USA, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Norway, Malaysia, Pakistan, San Marino, Austria, Netherlands has been banned for 32 days,” he said.