Top YouTube accounts every entrepreneur looking for inspiration must follow 2020

Every entrepreneur needs a little inspiration to get started or to keep going. Just to know that even the most influential of all entrepreneurs go through and overcome the same problems you could be going through is inspiration enough to keep going every step of the way.

We dug deep to bring you the Youtube accounts you as an entrepreneur need to follow as of 2020.

Why should you follow these YouTube accounts

  1. For inspiration. The accounts we looked are real, they try to inspire based on what the reality is recently and as of 2020 that is what you as an entrepreneur.
  2. To pick a leaf from their experiences
  3. For educative material to help you directly maneuver what you may be going through at this point in time of your entrepreneurial journey

These are the top accounts we recommend you should follow

Starting Now…………………………

Gary Vaynerchuk (US)

He is a Belarusian-American entrepreneur, New York Times best selling author, speaker, and Internet personality. He focuses the bulk of his efforts on inspiring entrepreneurs and addressing entrepreneurial questions. His content is actually amazing. His YouTube currently has 2.56 million subscribers and he is undoubtedly one to follow


Vusi Thembekwayo (South Africa)

Now at 107,000 Subscribers on YouTube, the South African entrepreneur and Venture capitalist has gone through the entrepreneurial journey himself and now shares his story and motivates young South Africans and several other people from all over the world.

He believes that if you can’t leave your business for 90 days you aren’t an entrepreneur, you are self-employed.

None the less, he is AMAZING. Check out some of his content on his YouTube channel HERE

Evan Carmichael (Denmark)

From Denmark, the YouTuber curates advice and tips from himself and several entrepreneurs from all over the world. Most of the advice on his channel actually makes sense. Check this out yourself, Channel:


Dr. K. N. Jacob (Kenya)

The Kenyan motivational speaker has had quite a run as an entrepreneur. His Youtube channel focuses on general life topics including marriage, life and managing finances. You as an entrepreneur need to grow as a person. Not everything is about work, work, work, and more work. He teaches how best you can grow financially while being a better person generally:

YouTube Channel:

Dan Lok (Canada)

He is a millionaire entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, best-selling author, and one of the world’s leading experts in Internet marketing. Known as โ€œthe king of high ticket sales,โ€ he has created a network of multi-million dollar companies. He moved from Hong Kong to Canada and has undoubtedly become one of YouTube’s greatest entrepreneurs motivational accounts.

YouTube Channel:

Bonus Accounts:

Ntende Kenneth (Uganda)

The account is relatively new but nonetheless, the advice given at least for the short time frame is real. Ntende Kenneth is an entrepreneur From, Uganda and he shares advice exclusively on how to run businesses and what to watch out for in entrepreneurship across Africa.


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