Top social media hacks to grow your digital presence in Uganda

By March 10, 2020 Blog, Marketing

Dear Readers, Marketers, and Businessmen in Uganda! Did you know that;

currently, Uganda has 2.3 million Facebook users with 70 % of internet users staying in Kampala and the surrounding areas, this shows the rate of internet users is growing which is a favor to your brand.

Everyone is becoming active with their social media platforms, brands that advertise with social media are becoming many;  wanting to get high levels of engagement, a great following, as well as presence however not all these brands, are successful.


Many times MonkeyPesa customers’ or audience usually ask questions like; how can I grow my following on social media?, how can I boost my audience on social media ?, how can I maximize my sales through social media and many related questions.

Instead of just letting your digital presence grow little by little each day, why not try growth hacking? it  is all about experimentation and testing various growth strategies and seeing which ones work best for you and help you grow the most rapidly.

A hack is a clever bit of ingenuity that makes something better, faster, or more effective. There are workout hacks, organizational hacksproductivity hacks, social media marketing hacks.

Today MonkeyPesa brings great hacks to help you grow your online presence and digital marketing in Uganda and get some great results.

Get a baseline strategy for your growth.         

Getting a baseline relates to having or finding a foundation for your strategy. For you to grow your following and social media presence in Uganda, it’s good to get a baseline for your strategy. You can start by liking the photos of those you follow, comment, share and follow back. This will in turn attract your followers to do the same hence increasing your presence and audience presence in the end. Setting a baseline strategy involves setting goals and finding out the ways in which these goals will be achieved. You can decide to document your goals and also the sorts of ways in which these goals will be achieved for example you want to achieve 100 likes per day for your brand on every social media platform as your goal and then you can find out and document the ways in which you will achieve this.

Be considerate of the time and the day you publish your content.

I wouldn’t make sense for you to post at the time when most of your audience are offline or very busy because you post would just disappear in the air without anyone seeing it. Therefore you need to find out the best time when most of your audience are online and engaged with their social media platforms. This would be ideal for you, you can find out the best time by doing it manually or using social media analytics to track engagements and the online presence of your audience. You can get more information about the best days and the best times to post by visiting the MonkeyPesa website page about the best time to post on social media.

Emphasize content curation

Content curation involves adding value to content gathered from different sources around a certain topic that you wish to publish and share with the entire world, audience or social media followers. Content curation is simply done by gathering information from various sources into a single piece of information. Content curation is good because it helps you grow your network, its easier than creating your content which might not be trustworthy, it helps in growing your business and also staying informed. While gathering up your content endeavor to include; infographics, images, videos, animations and Gifs since these seem to attract an audience and create more engagement especially with the youth here in Uganda. Consider the interests of your audience, their thoughts, the source of information and focus more on your industry.

Do cross promotional with the target groups.

Cross promotional involves sharing content widely and efficiently as far as you can across different networks because your different target groups will use this content or information differently and for different purposes. Cross-promotion can be done by using social media outlets, sending out promotional cards, running contests with prizes. Cross promotional is important because it helps to create brand awareness and brand equity. Cross promotional can be done with friends, colleagues, brand partners and the rest of the audience who could be interested in your audience.

Create engagement with your audience.

If your engagement with your audience is inconsistent then do not expect so many returns or growing so much following because you reap what you saw therefore for you to have a great following and social media presence then you must learn how to engage with your audience consistently. Being engaged with your audience most of the time helps you to build awareness, relationship with your audience, building trust, and familiarity. In order to keep your audience engaged you can simply keep your posts up to date, post every day at least once a day this will you grow your digital presence and a great following.

Use hashtags consistently.

Using relevant hashtags helps your audience to easily find you. You can choose to create your own hashtags or use the ones that are already in existence as long as they are in the same line with your industry or your brand. Hashtags make it easy for other brands, competitors, audience or friends to find and follow you. These should be kept simple, precise, short, memorable and easy to remember so that it is friendly for a person to type in and find you easily. Longer hashtags are irritating to some and might need a lot of time to be memorized for example #MonkeyPesa

Treat your engaged followers like VIP

Find time, go through your social media analytics and find out who are the most engaged followers, appreciate and let them know that you actually recognize their efforts especially those who like, comment, share and advise on your posts. When such followers are treated well and recognized it becomes easy for you to easily turn them into brand ambassadors. You can appreciate your engaged audience by liking their posts, commenting, following back for those that you don’t follow, sharing some of their posts to your page, asking them to sharing your posts on their pages, giving them incentives, where necessary, mentioning them in the comment section, tagging them in your posts after an approved request from them. This excites and makes them feel proud thus growing digital presence in the meantime.

Be an influencer or use influencers.

Being an influencer is a real deal to grow your digital presence, an influencer is a person who has the power to affect the decisions of others because of his or her authority, knowledge, position or relationship with his or her audience for example musicians, footballers, and all other kinds of celebrities. Most of the social media influencers are usually followed by 1000 – 5000 people of whom these are their friends or share similar interests. Being an influencer helps you to gain more following and boost your digital presence since we assume that most of the audience love being engaged with influencers, for example, Rema Namakula is being used as the brand ambassador for Jesa Dairy Products, Sheila Gashumba is the Brand Ambassador for Africell Uganda. 

Go visual mostly with videos.

Most of the social media users love visuals this is because some of them are lazy to read and therefore find it easier or interesting to watch a video or an image than to read. A recent survey found that social media videos receive on average, 135% more organic reach than a photo, people just engage more with video content and this seems to be increasing engagement levels . 60% of individuals prefer watching video over reading text this shows that Videos have become absolutely essential. Social Media Examiner also found that 60% of marketers use video in their digital marketing and 73% plan on increasing their use of videos in their content.

 Be consistent with your posting

 In-consistence kills your reach while consistency boosts your engagement, posting daily along with uniform content helps to build trust of your brand and gain more followers. Posting twice or once in a day shows your audience that you are always online and makes it easy for them to reach to you any time they want on any day thus saving them the burden of looking out for a specific day when you are online to engage with you this helps to boost engagement and digital presence in the end.

Optimize all your social media platforms.

Using all your social media platforms helps you grow your audience and digital presence effectively. Remember all your social media users have different accounts on different social media platforms therefore publishing your content on a single platform  would not fetch more following and presence as you expected but different platforms bring together different followers and also attracts those who could be following you on a specific platform for example you might be having an Instagram account only while most of your followers have other different accounts therefore opening other accounts on other platforms would be easier for them to find and follow you up hence creating more presence on all your social media platforms.

Conduct ask me anything sessions.

These kinds of sessions are so productive when it comes to boosting your digital presence and engagement. These sessions simply give your audience an instinct that you are online and therefore you will be able to reply to their questions or fulfill their needs. Ask me anything sessions help you to create some time for your audience. During AMA you choose to focus on the things that you have relevant knowledge about so that you may be able to give relevant answers to your audience. For those who ask questions that you don’t have knowledge about try to divert their questions in the field that you have knowledge about so that you can reply to them adequately. You can conduct ask me anything questions on Instagram stories, Twitter, Facebook stories or on any social media platform as long as it gives you comfort to effectively engage with your audience.

Post during non peak hours.

Non peak hours is the time  perceived that most of the audience are not always online and so most of the companies tend not to publish their content at such times. So you can do what is contrary and post in those times to boost your engagement and increase your online presence. Posting during the non peak hours is quite good and convenient because there is not so much competition from many advertisers posting on their social media platforms and therefore break through is very easy. However you shouldn’t exclusively post during the non peak hours. Try posting at different times to see what works out for you and what doesn’t so that you can take an informed decision.

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