Top hacks employed in Kenya to grow digital presence

By March 10, 2020 Blog, Marketing

Kenyans are you willing to be among the first lucky ones to tap into this opportunity?

OH yeah, it’s a great one.  Truly the number of active social media users in Kenya is 8.20 million, with 7.7 million people accessing their platforms using their mobile devices.

This is good news to Kenyans Investing in business brands because Digital presence is actually growing higher and higher as brands are getting more Returns on Investment.


Hey there! You need to know this, for your brand to grow in terms of marketing and earn digital presence you need follow these tips here;

Employ marketing strategies

  • Marketing strategies are some of the best ways to increase brand awareness, grow more following and increase your digital presence in Kenya. Some of the best marketing that can actually work for any business man in Kenya includes;
  • Content marketing; this includes drafting relevant, attractive and valuable content and distributing it to the relevant followers or audience who might be interested in.
  • Email marketing; this involves sending out emails to different people especially those who could be interested in your brand for the purposes of achieving the desired goal.
  • Search engine optimization; this involves driving traffic to website by increasing visibility and accessibility of the website.
  • Paid advertising; this involves investing money in a brand to promote it and gain more awareness. There are so marketing strategies that can be employed to promote your business and grow your digital presence.

Post Images to get attention

Images get a lot of attention as compared to merely texts because most of the people tend to feel lazy to read long texts as compared to merely looking at images. Research shows that Using photos while posting boosts 35 % of Retweeting and 70 % of Facebook. Therefore try to make your content as visual as possible as long as the content is in the line of your brand and will help you boost your online engagement and social media presence.

Give your influencers a priority.

Influencers are the most people that can help you build your brand so fast however they need to be given priority because when they add their thoughts to your content, share the content, posts and positive comments usually people pay attention. Therefore you must try to pull their attention to your side by following them, liking their posts, commenting and sharing their posts, offer a few insightful posts, know what interests their followers and draft your content in that same manner, in case you share their content inform them, ask influencers to review your content before you publish that makes them feel attached and part of it, ask them to be present especially when you are conducting ask me anything sessions.  Make use of influencers to help you build up your brand, create awareness, boost engagement and create social media presence.

Here is a Kenyan travelling company showing how they have made through.

Think about having a unique opinion

Sometimes having a unique opinion and write up can help to pull engagement forward. Because most of the businessmen always write about business and marketing you can decide to write about something that is totally contradictory this might help to boost your online presence for example  you can choose to write about, “major problems faced in the country while providing solutions to them”, or “an interesting movie that you once watched and what you actually learnt from it” such unique opinions could be of help to your because not all of them are so much interested in business and marketing. More so being too promotional is not good for your brand as some followers might decide to unfollow you at least out 9 posts only or 2 should be promotional and the rest should be engaging posts.

Think of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is driving the growth and maximization of sales for brands and businesses in a crazy; this is because people tend to trust and like products that are advertised by certain individuals who are very well known unlike others. More and more businesses are realizing that they are achieving more on return on investment because of influencer marketing. Research by shows that influencer marketing achieves x11 of return on investment than any other form of marketing. 92 % of people trust recommendations of individuals even if they don’t know the individual physically but as long as this person is a celebrity or a known socialite than they would trust a brand itself. Research shows that 20 percent of women who are active on social media are motivated to consider products who are promoted by social media influencers.

Establish a strong social media platform with a great strategy.

Having a strong social media strategy through which you manage your social media platform is a great way to achieve better results and the target goals as well as increased Return on Investment. To establish a great social media strategy you need to set goals, put in place tracking measures to see whether the set goals have been met, know your target audience, their interests and likes, determine the kind of labor to employed whether manual or technological, establish guidelines to guide your strategy, understand the best social media platforms to use, set company policies to guide employees and your social media audience. Having a great platform presents the integrity of your company and this might pull much more traffic and presence to your media platforms.

Consider writing up round ups

Having a round up reports, posts, information to share by influencers is a good manner because it helps to connect with other professionals and other influencers. This would be good because it might attract more attention and more awareness with the flux of influencers. So to get influencers write up round ups it needs you to give them attention, make shares, back links and any other additional opportunities.

Make use of and implement call to action

Call to actions are certain kinds of words that directly ask the user to do as required and talk on the behalf of the brand on social media. Call to action words include; shop now, buy now, tap for more, read more , see more and many more other words basically the call to action words  ask the user to directly engage with the post and take action either by clicking, shopping, reading in this case of an article. This helps to pull more traffic to website and more online presence. Analytics show that  adding a CTA to your Facebook page alone has shown an to increase click-through rates by an insane 285%, Kiss-metrics found that when they embedded a CTA within their video content, they received a 380% increase in clicks than when they used their CTA elsewhere. Hubspot found their anchor text CTAs increased conversion rates by 121% and ContentVerve saw a whopping 90% increase in engagement by simply re-phrasing their text to the first-person.Very many brands have earned from having a good and well implemented call to action


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