Tips on how to grow your Twitter following

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Hey! How is your twitter following? High or low? If low, what are you doing to grow your twitter following or your audience on Twitter? As a marketing channel, Twitter is not just an option. It is a must use.

Your tweets need to be A+. Outstanding content is more likely to be retweeted, increasing your reach and audience. Your best bet for increasing Twitter reach is to get more audience and the best way to do that is to post better content at the right timing and to the right people.

Gaining more following puts people in touch with your brand thus more engagement in return. Twitter is a good platform not only for conversations, learning and making fun but also for marketing. Following statistics, 330 million people are monthly active users and advertising revenue got from twitter is $885 million, this clearly indicates that more brands are using twitter to advertise, so what are you still waiting for?

With the new twitter algorithm that encourages “recency”, this means that updating a post when most of your Twitter followers are online would actually get you good feedback however it is also good to try posting at different times as this is recommended as one of the ways that can be used to grow your audience on twitter. In-store we have for you more good practices to help you grow your audience on twitter.

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Know your audience

Knowing your audience doesn’t simply mean knowing everyone you follow or everyone who follows you it includes knowing the right people so that you would better know what those people like. The benefits of knowing your audience are; finding out what customers really think, re-evaluating your brand’s strength and weaknesses, supplementing hard data with genuine opinions, get customers views of your competitors and finding new campaign ideas, see what your audience is talking about and update your content strategy accordingly.

There are two ways that can help you know your Twitter audience; listen to reactions in your industry and where you feature in these conversations, and using monitoring tools to help you receive daily reports about the conversations on social media making it an easy way to follow up the conversations.

Talk with your followers

Twitter is a giant chat room, and most people are always there for conversations, jokes, education and many other things. You can’t be talking about yourself all the time as this tends to discourage some of your followers.

The applicable metrics dictate that about 20% 0f your content should be promotional or about your service, while 80 % should be engaging about your industry and interesting to your audience. Focus on offering value to your followers that’s what matters most and spend more time on the platform with them. This will work well towards helping to grow your Twitter following.

Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are Twitter’s way of bundling information together by keyword. People following hashtags are usually interested in that content and if your content bears one you will be able to track the conversation rotating about the hashtag.

Twitter caters to the tags and presents them on the right side of the users screen and this can push outside parties to check them and this, in turn, translates into you growing your Twitter following.

Example of using hashtags

Some of the hashtag best practices include; never to use more than three hashtags per post, keep them short, long strings of words are annoying, the more precise the better, Make them easy to remember and easy to spell. If you’re creating a campaign hashtag, be original; don’t try to piggyback on irrelevant hashtags. According to data and best practices on how to use hashtags, tweets with at least one hashtag receive 12.6% more engagement than those without them.

Know when to tweet

It makes no sense to be on Twitter and dishing out information when your following or audience is deep in sleep. The same goes for when they are busy with different things. Your content will most likely be of their timelines when they log into Twitter.

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You can find out the best time to tweet by testing and discovering manually when most of your followers are online or you can use social media analytics to find out when most of your audience is online and that would be the best time for you to post. Tweet consistently because twitter requires a more aggressive content strategy. Tweet around 3 to 7 times per day to maximize engagement however some brands tweet 15 to 20 times per day therefore competitive analysis is important here.

 Add calls-to-action

If you want most engaged followers then you must act! At times people don’t get engaged with content because they like it but because you tell them what you want and what you need from them. You can choose to openly tell your friends or other people to follow you, retweet, like and comment on your posts. You can as well ask your friends to tell their friends to follow and like your site. This will help you to grow your Twitter following.

Realize less isn’t more

Even though twitter is a microblogging site meant for shorter posts than any other social network, you can still use a post with about 70 -100 characters as long as the post has good content that will attract more of your audience and derive traffic to your page.

Use visuals more

It has been found out that pictures and videos increase the rate of engagement of tweets and almost double the rate of impressions. It, therefore, is good to include pictures and videos in your twitter posts. In case pictures are not used then create quotes or quote pictures.

Visual Content Marketing marries into Twitter engagement easily.

One of the twitter studies revealed that visuals lead to 35 % more retweets while quotes increase retweets by 19 %, therefore, it would be good to combine quotes and images for a maximum impact. Tools that can be used to develop basic graphic material include; canva, padlo and picmonkey. These will most definitely help you grow your Twitter following and increase engagement.

Be personal

Relate with your following on a personal level. While tweeting, try driving your content to the reader so that when the audience is reading the content, they find it communicating to them directly. For example –  if you are writing on” how to manage a small business”, let the language show you are directly communicating with your audience. Personalize the message.

Funnel Followers from Beyond Twitter

To win more audience on twitter requires you to promote your profile beyond the platform, this is possible especially when you share the platform link to your other social media platforms while encouraging those other followers to click and follow the page as well for example you can share your twitter link with Facebook followers and ask them to follow your Twitter account as well. This will help to generate more following and engagement.


Onine enaggement grows over time that is why we insist that whichever of these tips you opt to use, do it consistently as it is after a while that consumers will trust you and your brand.

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