The Leading Digital Marketing Companies in Africa

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Are you excited for Africa! You Home and Your Land?

Particularly, I am excited!  In Africa businesses are really flourishing, growing and expanding at a high rate.  Wow this great! Little did I know about how these businesses are doing it to get to the right path?

I just found out that Digital Marketing is the Lion behind all this. African businessmen who haven’t utilized this opportunity it’s high time and your chance to tap into it. How are we going to do this? No you don’t have to worry MonkeyPesa is doing for you by providing you with a guide that has the leading digital marketing companies in Africa to help you get the best Results of  Return on Investment.

The leading Digital Marketing Companies in Africa

MonkeyPesa Marketing agency

The company is included on the list for its strength in Digital marketing. They are building a marketing model built around their software to help you manage your entire business as a whole.

They work mainly with startups and mid-sized companies

Questions asked? 

How is your Marketing leading to sales and direct growth?

Their software embeds social, email, WhatsApp, SMS, and all other digital channels to see how your digital marketing efforts are yielding direct result right to sales and accounting all in one platform

With real-time digital data merged with real business results at the core of how the company is built, they are one to watch as a marketing agency

Additionally: The YouTube channel focuses on providing tips to help grow your marketing efforts. Check this out here:

Services offered by monkeypesa:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social Media management
  • Website Blog development and maintaining
  • Video concept formulations
  • Video editing
  • Graphics design
  • Animations and 3D concept designs
  • Email marketing
  • Email automation
  • Content strategy


Call: +256757537658


BLUE MAGNET – To Serve To Empower To Optimize


To be recognized globally as an Authority on Digital Marketing compliance through Excellence, Best practice and ongoing Education.

Blue Magnet ensures Digital Compliance through Excellence, best practice and ongoing education. Blue magnet specializes in providing Internet Marketing and website optimization services. They help companies Increase the value of their digital assets to drive higher Return on Investments. Through optimization and creation of digital assets they can enhance your online presence, magnetize your audience and convert customers faster.

Blue magnet facilitates Digital Transformation through Discovery and Advisory of Innovative solutions, Automation, Digital capacities and Empowerment to enhance customer experience and Improve Digital Marketing Efficiencies.

Blue Magnet has over 45 years of experience in Digital marketing delivering professional marketing research , analysis  strategy , online advertising , paid search social media and search Engine optimization , user centric compliance web , web development and design specialists across all touch points.

Other services offered by Blue magnet include; digital advisory and consulting, digital marketing, digital marketing coaching and digital training services.

Blue magnet’s Approach to digital success

Blue magnets digital analyst plays a strategic role in facilitating stake holder alignment through the process of understanding their customers’ needs while discovering innovative solutions through reinventing and reimaging business models , processes and customer experiences to drive better business and marketing outcomes .  They provide hands on advisory services to assist you in clearly defining your unique value propositions and ideal target personas while gaining extensive insights about your competitive landscape to form the basis of your digital marketing strategy to enhance all digital touch points.

Location and contact details

Blue Magnet has its headquarters in South Africa at Block 4 Stratford office park,

CNR valley and cedar Road.

Broadacres 2021, South Africa

Contact +27114653618


This is an inbound marketing agency and Hubspot specialist, spitfire inbound is an innovative , award winning inbound marketing and sales agency and Hubspot platinum partner based in south Africa, Johannesburg.

Spitfire inbound focuses on service lines of 20 % digital strategy, 20 % content marketing, 20 % email marketing, 20 % conversion optimization, 20 % other digital marketing services. Client focus is 50 % small businesses, industry focus 100% advertising and marketing.

Their key clients include; Suzuki auto south Africa , interwaste , Nashua communication, initial hygiene, Barlo world logistics , the bulls, grow up , green walls, Eqstra fleet management, polyflor south Africa . Spitfire employs 501-1000 workers

Key services offered by spitfire inbound

  • Increase your Return on Investment and hit your marketing sales and target.
  • Inbound marketing; create marketing for customers to generate leads and shortening the sales cycle
  • Development of an inbound marketing strategy
  • Ongoing inbound marketing implementation
  • Development of buyer personas and buyers journey
  • Content strategy and creation
  • Marketing automation
  • Inbound marketing consulting
  • Customer delight and renewal
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Inbound marketing training

Other services include, advertising and marketing, search engine optimization, mobile app development, web and soft ware development, web design, IT services and solutions, Business services, Top B2B service providers.

Location and contact details

Headquarters at 125 corlett drive, Bramley Johannesburg.

GT 2090 South Africa

Contact: +002718791914

WEB SEO ONLINE – we build we create we share

The primary goal of Web search engine optimization online is to get more targeted visitors to your website and then convert them into paying clients. It was founded in 2010 since then they have worked with companies of all sizes to develop online strategies to help them keep in touch with their customers. Currently they serve across South Africa and at an international level.

SEO Company Cape Town

They offer a variety of services and these include; search engine optimization, web development, Google local optimization, ad words pay per click, social media marketing and graphic design.

Web search engine optimization online service focus line is 20 % web development, 20 % search engine optimization , 20 % pay per click , 10 % web design , 5% digital strategy, 5% UX/UI design, 5% conversion optimization, 5% graphic design, 5% social media marketing and 5 % content marketing.

Location and contact details.

Cape Town, the estuaries block D century, avenue

Oxbow Cres, century city –Cape Town, 7441

Contact +27215517052, +27815484680

STORY TELLER –Helping Businesses Grow Online

Story teller specializes in search engine optimization and digital marketing services for small and medium sized companies, they loved learning about their clients, businesses and helping them to grow online.

The service focus lines of story teller is 50% search engine optimization, 30 % pay per click, 10 % social media marketing , 10% web design. The client focus is 80% small businesses, industry focus 100 % advertising and marketing.

Story telling in digital marketing 

Services provided by story teller are; search engine optimization which drives more eyes to your website which means more traffic, more clients and more sales. Google ads, they supercharge the Google ads driving new leads into your business without letting acent of your money go to waste.

Websites, they specialize in small websites that focus on connecting businesses with their clients.

Social media, they use proven formulas combined with great content to grow your following, online pulling and more customers into your business.

Location and contact details

Headquarters are based at workshop 17,17dockroad

V&A waterproof, Cape Town WC 8005 South Africa

Contact +0214279003

AKIO AGENCY – Digitally savvy creatively inclined

Akio agency works to level the online playing field.

Akio is determined to deliver results, help clients accelerate brand awareness on digital mediums and leverage analytics to enhance user experience and engagement.


To produce the highest quality work and services for every client on every project.

Having had 6 years of experience, Services offered by Akio marketing agency include;

  • Creative
  • Digital marketing
  • Analytics
  • Build presence on digital platforms-build a company’s digital presence with a responsive website suitable for all services
  • Drive organic traffic on keywords that matter most to your business.
  • Web design
  • Drive engagement with social media that is they help to connect and engage with your customers on social media through social media marketing services where you can amplify your presence and grow your brand.
  • Social media management
  • Analyze data and report on digital campaigns that is they summarize your marketing performance data in visually appealing reports and very easy to understand dashboards. They provide insights on how your visitors interact with your website to improve overall user experience.
  • Manage dashboards and reports


Head quarters at 72 concoide East road, Bedford view

SO INTERACTIVE – Strategic Digital Creative Agency

So interactive is inspired by collective passion for connectivity, conversation and innovation. It is an independent digital agency with over 13 years of industry experience.


To continually provide agile solutions that bring brand communication back to the human essence of why people do what they do and that is what is made all the difference.

Service focus line of so interactive is 20 % advertising, 20 % digital strategy, 20 % social media marketing, 20 % UX/UI design, 10 %pay per click and 10 % web design.

Services offered by so interactive are;

Discovery, this is aimed at getting deeper understanding of the clients business objective marketing goals and target audience.

Strategy, develop a strategy that will assist in meeting these goals and communicate with the right audience.

Creativity and visual design, they focus on the highest quality of visual design to ensure that we communicate, engage and interact with their clients’ audience.

Technology, they aim at providing digital solutions

Social media management, social media campaigns, communication planning, and social channel strategy

Measuring social media analytics helps to measure return on investment and track brands progress.

Location and contact details

Headquarters at 67 wessels Road, sandton.

GT 2128 South Africa

Contact +27118074621

SEO STUDIO –Ranks #1 on Google

SEO wants to be ranked as number 1 on Google

Service focus line of SEO studio is 100% SEO

Services offered by SEO are 100 % purely SEO aiming at generating more leads, sales and revenue.

Location and contact details

Headquarters at 32 Ailsa circle (Atlantic Beach Estate), Melkbosstrand

Cape Town, WC 7441 South Africa

Contact +0826528071

CLOUD FUSION – Design Develop and Deliver

Cloud fusion is a fresh, Independent turnkey wed 2.0 development company born back in 2005. Their support group consists of a network of very specialized people working from across the globe, ensuring 100% uptime and consistency all year around.

Cloud fusion specializes in web development web development using various technologies including; HTMLS, PHP, SQL, Java and open source respectively.

Cloud fusions service focus line is 20 % wed design, 20 % SEO, 20% digital strategy, 20% logo, 20% branding, 20% web design.

Services offered by cloud fusion include;

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Mobile app development
  • Web and soft ware development
  • Web design
  • IT services and solutions
  • Business services
  • Top B2b service providers

Location and contact details

Headquarters at 1st floor Block C8, viscount Road Germiston 2008, South Africa

Contact +270875508850

BNRY DIGITAL – creative Technology Digital Agency

BNRY is an award winning creative technology company with offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and London.

BNRY offers services in four divisions that is Strategy, Technology and soft ware, devise and execute clever campaigns and build online communities.

BNRY values transparency, mutually respectful relationships, between them and clients, outstanding creative and technical work and considered audacity. BNRY’s sense is that clients share these values.

Service focus lines of BNRY are 20% advertising, 20% social media marketing, 20% web design, 20% customer software development, and 20 % web development. Client focus 70% amid market, 30% hospitality and leisure industry.

Services offered by BNRY include;

  • Digital and business consulting
  • Strategy and planning
  • Business and system analyst
  • Building a single customer view
  • Business process design
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Experience design
  • Digital Ail campaign planning and execution
  • Creative writing and design
  • Search engine optimization
  • Display advertising
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media strategy
  • Content plans and media creation
  • Photography and retouching
  • Videography
  • Web and software development
  • Mobile application development

Location and contact details

Headquarters at 198 oxford Road. Illovo Johannesburg 2001

South Africa 2001

Contact +270218107600

COCOPINE –Johannesburg Web Design Agency

Cocopine is passionate about craft but above all they pride themselves in creating long lasting relationships with each and every one of their clients no matter if you are home exec with the next best app idea or large corporate looking to outsource a landing page or site. They deliver on all levels.

Cocopine’s  focus on service line is 20 % web design,20 % web development, 20% mobile app development , 10 % email marketing, 10 % search engine optimization, 10 % graphic design, 10% logo.

Services provided by cocopine include;

  • Website design services
  • Logo design
  • Website development
  • Search engine optimization and marketing
  • Mobile app development
  • Custom photography


Headquarters are based in Johannesburg South Africa

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