The cost of advertising on twitter

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Day by day millions of people consume information from different social media platforms, the information consumed is from varying fields; Industry, Health care, Education, Technology, and Business. A wide range of information consumed from these platforms is marketing whereby users interact with different business brands.

Currently, Twitter makes it be one of the most popular social media advertising platforms with the best effective means of attracting new customers which makes it a worthwhile place to advertise. However, the question of many marketers who would love to use twitter for advertising is; How much does it cost to advertise on Twitter though?

Here is a break down for you to help you understand the cost of advertising on twitter


Well advertising on twitter, heavily depends on the ad you choose and also the estimated budget of running your ad campaign.

Twitter ad types include; promoted tweets promoted accounts and promoted trends, all these ads have gotten different costs in relation to advertising on twitter so the advertising costs depend on the ad you choose to launch your campaign.

Let us take a look at the meaning of each one of them and how much each costs.


Promoted tweets are tweets that have already been posted that used as sponsored content. it is a good path for businesses to rely on tweets that have high performance already. Promoted tweets are the original tweets that you posted to your timeline that you promote to appear in the timelines of people who don’t follow your business.

Promoted tweets allow you to target a large audience of people that would be interested in your business. It helps your tweet appear in front of more users and attract them to your page especially those you couldn’t reach organically.

The average cost of promoted tweets is $ 1.35 on a click, reply or retweet


promoted accounts are paid ads that promote your entire account and also work to increase visibility. It helps in a way that Users who are not following your business will see a promoted tweet that features your account thus creating awareness about the existence of your brand basically they aim at gaining more followers. The promoted account ads appear in the timeline of who to follow, search results thus targeting those who could be interested in your business and following. they are labeled promoted to differentiate them from the recommended accounts.

The cost of running promoted account ads $ 2-4 per new follower averagely.


These are hashtags and topics that are trending currently on Twitter. Many of these trends are based on your interests, who you follow, and your location. these usually appear at the top of the trends list.

The cost of advertising with promoted trends is $200,000 a day

Here are some of the factors that affect the cost of twitter ads

Your ad objective

The ad objective you select to run your campaign affects the cost of advertising on twitter. currently, twitter has about eight ad objectives which include;  App installs, promoted video views, tweet engagements, website clicks, awareness, and many others.  therefore take into consideration your budget before you pick and that is what will determine how much advertising will cost you. some objectives are more expensive than others for example website clicks are more expensive than tweet engagements.

Bidding strategy

The bidding strategy you choose will determine your cost of advertising and this is usually based on the objective you choose, you can choose to set your bid automatically or manually.

Quality of your ad

The quality of your ads also affects your twitter advertising costs, the content in your ads should match the interests of your audience so that you can be able to get more clicks and likes. images or videos that are blurry would not attract any attention and thus will create little or no engagement at all. the quality of your ads plays a great role in lowering costs and if the ads are of poor quality expect costs to shoot. video content is highly recommended as a means of attracting followers and increasing engagement, therefore, endeavor to have high-quality videos or images. According to statistics 93% of Twitter’s video views take place on mobile devices“People who view videos on Twitter are 50% more likely to be aware of an advertiser’s brand” Videos on Twitter are 2x as memorable as those on other premium platforms” People who view videos on Twitter feel 14% more favorable about the brand” Videos on Twitter increase the average lift in intent by 34%”

Ad format or type

Your ad format also influences the cost of twitter advertising. Twitter ad types include; promoted tweets promoted accounts and promoted trends.  promoted tweets cost $ 0.50-2.00, promoted accounts go for $2.0-4.0 whereas promoted trends cost $ 200,000. as you can see some ad types are more expensive than others, for example, promoted trends are more expensive than promoted tweets and account therefore promoted tweets that are cheaper would be cost-effective especially for startups.

 Target audience

The audience of your target can also affect your ad costs depending on the behavior, interests, region, age, and location of your people. you have to make sure that the audience you are targetting likes the content and what you post because if your content is ignored there will be no clicks and much require you to put in so much more money without making returns.


Every industry has competitors, therefore, you must expect to have competitors too.  twitter advertising costs will be high in the time when most of your competitors or other advertisers are also launching their ads because everyone is trying to get on top and of course the one who pays more will be given a priority over others.

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