Sports can help brands connect with markets and consumers

By January 30, 2020 News

Marketing departments of different brands face the hectic task of breaking through the clog of media at the obvious and easy disposal of consumers and their markets to little or no success and overlook the opportunities that Sports presents.

Sports are on an upward curve as regards growth anywhere in the world, and different franchises and sports entities are able to enjoy a personal attachment with their following, an audience in which marketers can tap, if they get to use the Sports setups as their marketing tools.

Contrary to the awareness that most would be going in for head-first, engaging with Sports entities keeps brands in day-to-day Sports conversations. There is almost always something new to say or comment about every active Sports setup. Case in point, Uganda’s biggest Sports sensation is football and understanding this, Telecom giants Airtel and Brewers Nile Special positioned themselves as headline sponsors of the National Team and the National Stadium in Namboole, Bweyogerere. Airtel have gone on to establish, maintain and run a yearly age grade Football Stars tournament.

Nile Special have gone beyond Football and now become a name and main sponsor for rugby activities in Uganda. Rugby is the world’s fastest growing sport around the world, and Nile Special did position the sponsorship with the launch of their new brand, Nile Special Stout, whose sales are soaring. Through daily and constant conversation, brands make a more lasting impression and difference than just driving awareness.

DusuPay, a global payments firm were sponsoring a rugby club in Uganda, watch full story here.

Agencies are most confident when measuring direct sponsorship ROI and that in all honesty may not work as direct in Sports circles. Research shows that 84% of practitioners believe that it is important that the sponsorship property helps measure results, though only 30% of respondents audit or verify the metrics received from these properties.

Recent market growth has been buoyed by record investment ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics: the current Olympiad cycle is expected to garner $5.94bn. According to Warc, $1.95bn will be spent by worldwide Olympic partners such as Coca-Cola and P&G – double the amount recorded during the previous Olympiad – while a further $3.33bn will be invested by domestic sponsors including Canon, Asahi and Fujitsu for Tokyo 2020 – four times higher than Rio 2016.

Before bombarding every space the consumers have, understanding their attachments helps marketers know where to meet with them. It never gets more personal than Sports. Consumers will be able to associate with brands that resonate aptly with their feelings and pay attention to the details in their lives.