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Social Media tools are tools that enable the ease of usage, automation, and analysis of data across several social media networks. Social media networks have become undoubtedly become an opportune channel for content distribution because marketing is about being where the people are and right now the people are on several social media networks.

It becomes important that your brand relates to people right where they are

Top Social Media Networks as of 2020:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Linkedin

Importance of social media Softwares

Social media management softwares help achieve the following:

a) Ease publishing to social networks

b) Ease scheduling posts

c) Ease analysis of social performance

Top Social Media management softwares:

Stated below are the top social media management softwares. We included their functionality, pricing, who they are built for and where their core strength is:

  1. Buffer: Priced between $15 and $99 monthly, buffer is a great social media management tool for small to large enterprises

2. Zoho Social

3. Agora Pulse

4. Sprout Social

5. MavSocial

6. Social Pilot

7. Crowdfire

8. Tailwind

9. Later

10. OktoPost


12. Hubspot Social

13. Salesforce

14. Nuvi

15. Social Flow


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