Improve your social media shares – a comprehensive guide.

By February 27, 2020 Blog, Marketing

Social media shares will most definitely improve your engagement which must have been a major reason as to why you chose to go into social media marketing. 

Neil Patel puts it so simply, “By taking a simple and straightforward approach to social media, you can change your fortunes in the future, boost your number of social media shares, and improve your online marketing technique.”

With a strategy in place and the content to make it work flowing smoothly, it won’t be long before you begin to see a surge forward of your social media shares.

Social signals like Retweets and Facebook shares are key drivers behind popularizing content. They too help in things like brand awareness and generating leads that translate into customers. A lot of the generic engagement will be coming from your target audience who will push you into their wider circles.


Let us look into the simple tricks and practices that will help grow the number of your social media shares.


When people visit your blog or are going through your content, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to be able to share your stuff on different social media platforms. Remember, the more complex the sharing is, the more likely that those sharing options will be ignored, and that will be a dent to the numbers of social media shares.

WP Social Sharing Plug in

You can ably utilize the WP Social Sharing plugin which enables you add visually appealing social sharing buttons for all of the most popular social media networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. It might work wonders for one person by there is no harm in trying out others to suit your wants like Social Media and Share Icons, Easy Social Icons, MaxButtons.

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Chances are high that whoever is going to be reading your content has been intrigued by the headline you have chosen to go with. If your content goes ahead to be as informative and worthy, your reader is likely to share it on their social media platforms for their own circles to see and possibly dig into.

From blog posts to tweets, Facebook posts, your content needs a strong headline to pull readers in. In order to get more social media shares, you need to start thinking about your headlines in a social context. Focus your efforts on writing compelling titles that have the draw and encourage people to click through and continue reading.

If you are still doubting the power of effective headlines, here is a statistic shared by Copyblogger:

“On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.”

Mind-blowing! The stat drops further if your headline is basic.


Your content is most likely going to be shared if it is relevant and valuable. But for your content to be that, you are going to have to know about your target demographic and what’s their interests. Use a tool like BuzzSumo or Google Trends to research topics that are trending in your industry.

Having a better understanding of what successful content looks like in your industry with respect to your audience’s likes will increase the likelihood of it being shared.

If you have content rotating about what is trending, it going to get the social media shares for your content most definitely.


Text is good. Actually, it is amazing. It is informative. But do you know that visuals surpass all that? Everything is better in pictures and or videos.

Canva will grow your graphic department greatly

Luckily for you, there are very many tools and sites on the internet that provide you with basic image design to spice up your content. A good example is canva. You can choose from premade templates that can easily be customized with text. It’s perfect for adding taglines that complement your attention-grabbing headlines.


Audience demographics are so vital. These details and metrics help you understand the best times to post your content because this is when your audience is online and active. By the way, this varies for different social media platforms depending on which ones you are using – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Think about each social network you have a presence on and how the audience on their behaves. How large? What is the predominant age bracket? What are the content attention and life spans?

Publishing Calendar on Sprout Social targeting audience activity

These are important questions you need to answer before you design a content strategy. You won’t see any social media shares if you’re not targeting the right audience on the right platform.


There are over 3 billion social media users but even with this huge number, not all these have an idea who you are, what you are selling or what you are even about. But if your targeted audience is responsive and you have put the above into consideration, your social media shares are surely increasing.


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