Social Media Marketing Strategy For 2020 in Five Easy Steps

By February 26, 2020 Blog, Marketing

If you are going to employ social media for your business, then you are most definitely going to need a social media marketing strategy.

This goes beyond the fact that many firms leave social media accounts access to senior employees because of knowledge of the firm, or even the younger ones because some companies believe the younger generation is more equipped to figure out and handle social media. That is where you will be going wrong in your social media marketing strategy.

How to create a social media marketing strategy

The more specific and concise your strategy is, the more effective the execution is going to be. You going to have to avoid clutter because this could actually confuse you in implementation

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You could actually opt to have an individual plan for each platform of social media you are setting out to use but in this publication, we are going to look into the overall plan to adopt as your social media marketing strategy.

There are five basic questions, which if you answer from the get-go, you are going to be on the road to executing your social media marketing strategy to the letter.

  1. Why do you want to be on social media in the first place?
  2. Who is the target audience for your content?
  3. What are you going to share to your audience anyway?
  4. Where are you going to share your content?
  5. When are you going to share?



Honestly, there are very many avenues to do your marketing from. So, why are you doing social media marketing? What goals did you set out to achieve? The two questions are to help you breakdown the big query of WHY which when understood, will set you on an illuminated path.

The goals to achieve with your social media marketing could vary from increasing brand awareness to website driven traffic, generation of new leads, increasing brand engagement, and conversation, etc.

Your goals should be aligned with the easy-to-follow S.M.A.R.T. goal framework. It will guide your actions and ensure they lead to real business results:

Infographic to illustrate S.MA.R.T (Source –



Your social media marketing strategy is going to be a whole lot useless if you don’t know who you are going to be communicating with. There are over 3 billion social media users and not all 3 billion are your audience.

And with respect to your business or product, who are your immediate market? You may need to go further and understand what information you are going to share that is important to them, and which social media platform they consider most useful in that regard. And finally, which ways do your customers consume their information – read social media posts, watch videos, use infographics.

Try creating audience/buyer personas. These allow you to think of your potential fans, followers, and customers as real people with real wants and needs. And that will allow you to think more clearly about what to offer them.

Buying followers for an audience won’t yield anything good as the targetting will be skewed given the variance of people behind these social media accounts.

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After ascertaining that you need social media, and identifying the people you are going to be communicating with, you will need to satisfy them with the right content. Otherwise, you will lose them faster than you got them.

This can become easy after analyzing the data from the already built buyer personas. Who they are and what problems they have. Solutions to these problems will most definitely be the content you are going to post.


The next step is to know which platforms you are going to be using and how the content will be presented there. This decision can be arrived after analyzing your buyer personas putting into consideration the sites they use the most.

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The various networks that can be used to nail social media marketing strategy

It is vital that you set your accounts up correctly. You will want a consistent visual look across all of your social channels. Use the correct colors, logos, and similar graphics on each network. This will promote organization, and with many people being impressed by first looks, such an organization will go a long way in keeping buyers around.

Keep in mind your target audience as you set up each account. Ask yourself whether your page will interest these people, based on what you show on your bio or profile.


Your social media marketing strategy is going to hit a wall even before it sets off if you are going to be sharing on social media all the time. Are you a news agency trying to break news?

With the numbers on social media, you need to understand that there re very incoming posts. And, quantity does not necessarily translate to quality. You are most definitely going to have to figure out the Best Times To Post On Social Media. 

Keep in mind that you are not going to be boring your audience with tasteless updates all the time. People go online to interact with other people and to be social. Successful businesses do not just broadcast to their social audiences. They engage with them too.


These five steps are going to help you well on your way to executing your social media marketing strategy with ease but you may go ahead and consider post boosting, use of influencers,  and obviously keeping tabs on your competition.




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