Many times you have heard about these two words that is  Social Media and Social Media Management  and you don’t really understand what social media is and what social media management means, you just keep wondering what these two random words mean?

Come on!!!!!! Let’s discuss it today

You need to understand what social media means and what Social Media Management  means, pay attention to this 10 minutes read article and clearly understand what these words mean.

First of all we are going to dive deep a little into understanding Social Media and there after we can switch to social media management as well.

Social Media refers to websites and applications that are designed to allow people to share content quickly, efficiently, and in real-time. This has transformed the way people live and how businesses are ran currently.

Social media has majorly 6 types and these include;

  • Social network platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Bookmarking Sites like Pinterest
  • Social news like digg
  • Media Sharing like YouTube
  • Microblogging like Twitter,
  • Blog comments and forums
  • Social Review Sites
  • Community Blogs.

Social media has become a crucial and dominating aspect in the current world because it allows you to interact socially, connect with new people; you can be able to reach your clients through social media both the local ones and the international hence helping you maximize sales.

Now that we have clearly understood what social media is and how important it is, let us look at social media management and the different aspects involved under social media management.

Social Media Management in simple terms means the act of monitoring and participating in social conversations across all social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn as well as managing your social media presence. Social media management can be handled by services, tools and social media managers. These help you achieve your social media goals for example growing following or maximizing sales. Identifying what social media management is to your business plays an important role in using social channels effectively to grow your reach and influence conversions.

Social media management goes beyond just posting updates to your company’s social media profiles. It also includes engaging with your audience and looking for new opportunities to increase reach and visibility.

Currently social media users are over 3.2 billion and therefore very good social media management can help grow your brand across all social media pages.

Now that we have clearly understood what social media management is all about, let’s look deeply into understanding how important it is and why businessmen would spend large amounts of money on social media management.

Discovering the potential of social media management

1.Social media management is a critical channel for building brand awareness, generating leads and staying connected with customers.  Good social media management helps you to understand your audience and discovering what their interests are so that you can be able to deliver services or content that is in line with what they want and what they have been looking for. People are increasingly use social channels to interact with brands. They also use social media to ask for recommendations, praise the products and services they love, and complain about bad customer experiences. Therefore a good social media management practice helps you discover the potential of your brand and also the kind of people you are dealing with and what you should actually deliver to them.

2.Social media is cost effective in terms of advertising. Joining social media platforms is free and more so uploading posts, blogs/articles is free of charge, commenting, liking and sharing are all free of which these are some of the aspects that drive traffic to the website. Good social media management terms therefore can help earn free and organic traffic if your engagement with the users or audience to the adequate. You don’t have to overstretch in your budgets in order to effectively manage your social media platforms you simply need to fully exhaust your online presence.

3.Proper social media management helps one to get the best out of social media, this is because social media can help you establish good relationships with new customers online who might be convinced and turned into respective buyers or new leads that can actually support your brand to grow and expand widely and all over as long as they are interested in your products or services.

4.Creating content and posting on social media consistently can help find your target audience, as you post on your social media platforms, those posts are viewed by different people and of which some might even have interest in the products. Therefore consistence in posting along with good social media handling can help you meet your target goal and audience.

5.Your target audience is always active on social media, having an audience that is always active with social media requires you to have a good strategy of social media management because them being online it initially means that these people have questions to ask and it would be weird for them to ask and then there is no single reply to them. It is of a good a reason to find a good social media management strategy so that you can easily be active with social media while responding to the questions of your audience and finding solutions to their problems.

6.Social media management helps you take control of your brand’s reputation. This happens because social media management allows you to monitor comments and feedback more closely, and respond to your audience as quickly as possible and thus you are able to address the challenges and create solutions as fast as possible.

7.Improves quick customer care support and also knowing more about your business, of course like any other brand your social profile bears so much information about what you do, location, about, blogs, portfolio, careers and promotions and contacts which makes it easy for a customer to easily know more about the company and even contact you physically as long as they are interested. It becomes easy to inquire through social media with the availability of quick responses.

8.Social media can help you reach bigger and bigger numbers across the world through the Social media networks of Facebook, twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can connect you with users across the world. You can also use social media platforms, like Pinterest, to reach niche audiences. Traditional marketing and advertising can’t match a big audience as social media does because traditional marketing most of the times it targets the local population.

Now that we have clearly understood the benefits of social media management, let’s try to also understand the different tools that we can actually use to manage social media. If you want to stay on top of social media marketing then you must employ some of these tools.

In managing social media, there are paid and unpaid tools can help you schedule content, respond to comments. However most of these tools are actually paid for.


This allows you to schedule content for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn all in one place with dynamic reports on four social networks. Agorapulse also runs social promotions and manages your social media inbox. Agorapulse is such a good social media management tool because the pricing is reasonable given the rich list of features, its content publishing features are the best on the market, with beautiful visual previews of all content, it lets you quickly go through incoming messages across any of your social accounts and the reporting is easy to customize.


This is a paid for tool, it can help you manage your social accounts, establish a posting schedule and schedule social media posts. It’s available as a mobile app to make social media management free and easy.

Post Planner

This is a smarter social media management that is paid for. Post Planner  helps social media marketers find high-quality content, plan the perfect publishing calendar, and post consistently. It curates and rates content suggestions and allows you to create a content-type-based schedule Post Planner makes it super easy to find content that has proven to engage people. It also allows you to select the content type for each time slot and then it fill the slots with your chosen content accordingly.


This an all in one inbound marketing software,  hubspot integrates all social media marketing efforts into a single platform for example facebook, twitter, instagram, LinkedIn, email , search engine optimization all into one platform which makes it easy to compare results a cross all marketing platforms  and channels and also measure the return on investment.

Social Hub

This is believed to be very smart social media management software that would be efficient for your team. Social Hub is asocial media management software built for businesses, agencies, and governments based on its target audience and customers. It is believed that it provides a solution that is efficient, scalable, and secure


This is used by over 10 million professionals. It allows you to schedule an unlimited amount of posts; this is another tool that is also paid for. Hootsuite helps you manage all your social media platforms, reply to user questions and comments across channels, and monitor your social media strategy’s performance through social media analytics.

Sprout Social – Ideal for growing businesses

Sprout social helps you get the real people with the real brands and real connections. Sprout Social combines several social media tools like twitter, facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google into a single platform from social media scheduling, monitoring and reporting. Sprout Social provides customer relationship management features which helps you serve them better and build stronger relationships with them since you have a full complete profile about them.


This is a social media scheduling tool that manages itself. It is also paid for and takes a creative new approach to social media sharing. All it requires is just to create a library of content with various categories and add various categories and time slots that will be filled with content automatically in your library. MeetEdgar automates social media post creation and scheduling in a clever way by recycling your library of content according to the categories


This is also paid for; CoSchedule focuses more than on managing your social media. Schedule your social media posts, as well as build content calendars and publish blog posts.


This is normally used as a search engine marketing tool but offers great social media features that make get added to the social media management tools. SEMrush helps you schedule posts, finds out about the best time to post, analyze your content, discover more about your audience and also conductor a competitor analysis.

Having looked at social media management, its importance and the different tools that can be used to manage social media, there are also different tips that you can use to manage and improve your social media management and presence.

Quality content

Constant posting with good information and quality content is good but it would not make sense if you are posting daily yet your content is not really good or worth it. It is better to share content that can be re-shared or retweeted, passed on to colleagues across industries. Content that will last, not just trend for a week and disappear would also be a good perfect fit. If you are able to produce content or develop insights that will stay relevant in the industry, these are gold!

Research about your target audience

Investigating your audience is a core part of social media management. If your agency or your company knows who your audience is, it makes it easy to develop a social media strategy to effectively manage all your social platforms. Knowing who your audience is helps you to know where to find them online. That’s critical, if you want to maximize your investment in social media management. By targeting your audience on their preferred platform, you can earn a bigger return on investment (ROI).

Give adequate time to Fans and Followers

Giving adequate time a long side responding to fans and followers on your social media platforms is an important part of social media management. When a follower comments on your page with a question or concern, this presents a new opportunity for you to provide value for your leads while also demonstrating excellent customer service with quick response. Responding to your audience carefully with sounding answers and solutions to their problems attracts the attention of other users thus pulling traffic to your site.

Consistency is key

If your want to attract traffic to your website, determine the kind of content you need to feed your audience and then post consistently. Social media is a highly competitive space and your customers are being engaged by other brands that are both in your industry and all trying to sell your customers something. So you must all engage in the fight to retain your customers.

Use Scheduling Tools

Because managing social media accounts manually is hard you opt to use to tools to manage your social media accounts , this makes it easier without apply the manual means which might be expensive even and time consuming. You can choose to use tools like hootsuite, hubspot , buffer and many more. Check out in the previous discussion above.

Use Social Media Analytics to monitor your performance and website.      

Social media analytics help you to know your performance in terms of clicks and conversions, also the kind of audience that visit your website and what their interests are, the key words that people are using to find your brand thus maximizing on such to find the rightful key words. Good social media management is therefore necessary to scoop out the best results.

When they talk about social media management, it simply means you handling social media just that it includes in the aspect of management, therefore social media management means you are dealing with social media platforms and so let’s take a look at these best platforms that are involved in social media management or the platforms one should focus for a proper social media management and business growth.


Facebook currently has over 2.4 billion monthly active users and at least most of these audiences have a certain brand they follow. This makes it a great social platform for businesses that are trying to reach a wider audience.


currently Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users making a great platform for brand to advertise especially for those brands that involved in visual content for example fashion, lifestyle, art, or other visual-focused industries.


currently twitter has over 330 million active users across the globe and tends to be where users go for up to date news and trends.  This platform is ideal for brands that want to be trendy and up to date with latest news blogs and updates


LinkedIn is the social media platform for professionals and B2B brands that are targeting businesses in different industries. Currently LinkedIn has more than 310 million monthly active users and across the globe therefore it is a suitable platform for advertising


YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world, second to Google. You can upload your video content to this channel to help engage and connect with your audience. Currently it has over 2 billion users, so what is not worth using You Tube to advertise????

Let’s come to a conclusion of social media management by looking at the cost of social media management and services. The cost of social media management according to webfx, on average, companies spend $4000 to $7000 per month on social media management which includes building and maintaining a social media marketing and advertising strategy, as well as a monthly ad spend and tool subscriptions. However some authors say that the cost of social media management and services varies depending on; the size of your company, how often you plan on posting, the type of services you require, which platforms you want to share content on, the level of analytics you need, whether or not you’ll provide customer service through social media.

Final thoughts

Social media management is such a broad aspect but in this article we have tried to cover most of the aspects about social media management, give a few minutes of your time and we hope you enjoy it.

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