Social Media Engagement Strategies To Grow Your Business

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You see little engagement with your social media! You know why? It’s because you are not using the most proven and trusted social media engagement strategies to grow your business.

An engaged audience is a happy and supportive one, audience who know, like, and trust you are the real deal that your business needs in order to grow and support your hustle. Engaging your audience on social media is a great way to build that community of fans for your brand.

Interacting regularly with your followers helps you to build relationships that can drive conversions and profits and thus you as businessman should utilize the chance to grow and improve your brand awareness.

Trusted social media engagement strategies to help you grow your business

Engage your social media followers by asking questions

You can arouse the energy of followers by asking an engaging and interactive question where by everyone is free and allowed to participate. What you have to do is to simply post a question on your social media page in a social stream, blog post, online group or community, or on a Q&A site such as Quora, asking followers relevant, provocative, and timely questions creates some of the most engaging and thought provoking social media activity of all. You can also ask your followers to give in their thoughts in the comment section, to respond to your emails, give in their opinions, conduct ask me anything sessions and invite people to share their mind, this creates more engagement on social media with your followers and its a good strategy to use to grow your business.

Share videos on your all your social media platforms

According to Nathan Ellering, Facebook users alone watch 100 million hours of video every single day. And 82% of Twitter users watch video on that social network. Sharing videos will help you engage your fans and followers. Choose videos that are entertaining with very good ideas for example you can share some of the professional, demonstration videos and some customer care success stories as well. Following Nathan ellering’s recommendation the best video length for Facebook engagement is about 1 minute and 30 seconds, and Twitter’s direct upload maximum length is 2 minutes and 20 seconds. To keep your people engaged, record some video either using your camera of a phone or a shoot and then share across all your social media pages including the you tube channel if at all you have one, this should be done consistently and daily, this will be a great social media strategy to grow your business.

Add Images to your posts

It’s been discovered that most of the social media fans especially facebook, twitter, YouTube and Instagram are platforms where by most of the users prefer visual content as compared to merely writing texts. One study indicated that images led to an 85% interaction rate on Facebook and increased shares of content by 35%. Pictures catch the eye attention and increase the chances that people will like and interact with your social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. However some platforms like Instagram, pinterest, snapchat and YouTube have entirely survived on the power of visual content. Your business has a wide variety of chances to increase social media engagement through visual content. Images of people using and enjoying your products are always a win and attract more attention. You can also share images of new items that you have for sale when you need a social media market and sale.

Remove the unused accounts on all your social media pages.

This is one of the most effective strategies to promote a social market for your products. Deleting inactive accounts will have your employees become more efficient, and your audience will always know where to find you. Having many social media accounts may be misleading to your followers and so it’s good to have a single account of each media platform so that your followers can know which one is the right account to follow and which one could be more engaging so that they can get more focused on that specific account, this will create more social media engagement with all your social media accounts, reducing reckless social media accounts is actually one of the best things you can do to boost your social media marketing strategy.

Ask for feedback from your followers

Engage your followers in a conversation as you ask for feedback and reviews mostly regarding your project, product or service so that you can find out how it’s benefiting them all. This helps you to see how your product is performing on the market, what is not doing well and what is doing well and also find know whether to improve and what to change. Getting timely feedback from the customers is a must for a marketer. If the feedback is positive, it means they can engage with your brand and if it is negative then you can improve your services by identifying their expectations.

Use engaging content

This is one of the best strategies to grow your business while using social media. Try as much as possible to make your content interesting. Posts which are mainly call to action or plainly promotional are mostly a turn off to many social media users. Your followers need useful posts. A balance between promotional posts and useful content should be embraced if you want to maintain high audience engagement for your brand.

Shooting a live video

According to research, it has been proven that videos increase engagement as compared to still images or merely plain posts. It is also proven that people spend 20% more time on live videos compared to pre-recorded videos. Live videos bring about the factor of immediacy in the posts compared to pre-recorded videos. Live videos look so normal and give a chance to followers to interact with the service provider. This sense of immediacy also helps increase user engagement. Live videos also allow your brand to directly interact with your social media users in real time. The user can openly ask any questions which then can be directly answered through your live videos.

Strengthen your relationship with followers

Strengthening your relationship with your audience can help you to make your business popular, it also helps you to understand your customer’s requirements and start working according to their wishes. It is therefore important to build a strong and real-time connection with your followers. It will give them an assurance that you are an active user and available for them anytime and always. Having big relationships with your customers helps to know more about their activities, what they do and what their preferences would be, like why they are choosing your brand and what their actual requirements are. If you are aware of these facts, you can improve your results.

Offer some incentives for your followers

This is one of the ways you can employ as a social media marketing strategy; incentives attract customers and draw their attention closer. As human nature people will always love free goods and feel appreciated so once in a while give an offering to your customers to please them, these could be free shipping in case you are dealing with goods, instant discounts and promotions, free member and so much many more things.

Tag the people you included in your posts.

This one of the ways of showing to people that you actually appreciate them and a strategy to create more engagement with your social media pages. Its human nature to want to be recognized for doing something amazing and this one of the ways to appreciate fans, friends and influencers. Find their facebook user names, twitter handles, Instagram user names or LinkedIn user names and tag those in your post. These are the first source of people to create the engagement and boost conversations as engagement goes up.

Add call to action

Call to action requests users to take action for example shop now, click to see more, tap to see what is here, these words help to attract the attention of users to do what the service providers want from them and this is one of the powerful social media engagement strategies.

Consistency is so vital.

Same content over and over again creates a sense of trust worthy and thinking that the information is real especially on the side of the users or audience. Before you post content on your social media platforms, make sure your content is always the same because most followers are so analytical ad follow up so much to actually see whether your information varies or is the same. If your content or the information your post varies at times then it creates a suspicious mind and some potential people might decide to ignore your products thus losing out on the market.

Hold social media contests

Most people especially young followers like playing games and participating in contests, especially if there’s a prize to be won at the end of the competition. The contest you create can offer a variety of different prizes and can have a variety of different objectives. You can ask your followers to post pictures under a specific hashtag, ask them to share a certain story in the comments, the ones with the most likes, for example, could receive a gift card or another prize. This creates more engagement with your users thus promoting a social media market for your products.

Engage with each one of your followers individually.

Having some time for each of your followers is one of the social media engaging strategies. This might look quite tiresome however it is important if you want to improve communication with your audience, you need to talk to them individually and assess If they are satisfied and comfortable with your products. Ask them whether your product or service is being helpful as they expected, if not what is wrong and what should be improved not, you can give them the opportunity to talk to you through the social media platform. It will also help you improve your reputation in the market by showing your brand’s good customer service and response that will ultimately help you grow your business. This is indeed an effective strategy to help you expand further and more. This will be beneficial for you as well as for your customers. This social media strategy is a great way to know what your customers like or dislike about your company.

In conclusion there are some many social media marketing strategies that businessmen and women can employ to grow and expand their business as long as you know how to effectively put them in use as required or recommended.

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