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If you are doing online marketing, then you are in the business of search engine marketing. This simply means you are going to use SEO and everyone needs tips on what to do when starting.

You and your business can only grow if people do know you, and the only way you are going to get known is if you do your SEO right.

With the many blogs out there today, you need to go beyond just having those keywords and also put other SEO tips and practices in place to help you rank above your competition.

So, what are these SEO tips that are going to help your business thrive:

1. Pick the right keyword

This could be the simplest of all SEO tips we are to share. It rotates around knowing your audience and what your audience is about. You have to know what your audience is typing into the different search engines or searching for concerning your product or service.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through Google AdWords. From there, you will be able to know what specific keywords are being searched for and their frequency, coupled with the regional data for the origin of search. and you can make an informed decision from hereon.

PS: Get creative with the keyword phrases because different companies are looking at the same algorithm trying to scout for keywords and phrases. Stand out.

2. Pick Keyword Density Carefully

Now, when writing your website’s copy, it’s important that not every other word is a keyword or keyword phrase. Google algorithms are looking for content that’s relevant to the keyword, not just the presence of the keyword itself. Support your chosen keywords with substantial content. One of the ways they do this is by judging keyword density. A good minimum density is 1%, but it’s usually wise to not go over 3%. This means 1-4 keywords or keyword phrases per 500 words of copy.

Read More – Keyword Density

3. Start a Blog

More than you think, you do need a blog.

I know what we have been preaching about keywords but hear us out here. Do not just produce content on your blog to bombard keywords in your writing. It will not work long term unless you are in business for a short while – but still.

Endeavor to write for your audience and write something useful to your readers so they can not only come back but also refer others to your site for more information and or solutions.

4. Focus on Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of optimizing the structure of your site pages so that the crawlers can properly “read” and index your site.

Quite simply, let Google crawlers be wowed by your site’s performance when they are scanning through. Have your pages all loading fast. Have your site secure. Have all your links active and working. Make the crawlers work easy and they will flatter you with easy ranking. Awesome SEO tip right there.

However beautiful your work or content might be, if there are bottlenecks with the site, the crawlers are going to bounce as quickly as they land on your site.

Learn More On Technical SEO here.

5. Local SEO is King!

Of all mobile searches, nearly one third is about local content. People are always looking out for services and products close to them, running searches like “Bank ATMs near me”, “Salons near Nairobi”, “Restaurants in Kampala.”

An illustration of the benefit of Local SEO

Even if the “near me” is omitted, Google’s algorithm now automatically prioritizes local options if you just search “restaurants.” SERPs are teeing up small businesses to be successful with local SEO, so it’s paramount that they capitalize on the opportunity.

You can ably do this by setting up a Google My Business Profile which is free and very easy to maintain.

Claim your GMB listing from here and fill everything out including local phone number and address. The information you enter will now show up in Google’s search results.

Here’s your guide to local SEO.

6. You need Social Media

Of all SEO tips, this is the commonest and most direct. In the line of online marketing, it is the rarest occasion that you will not have social media sites.

Social Media is a great way to build an online following and you can easily leverage on the following over there for any external sites.

You, however, need to identify which social media channel or network will serve your right and when to post on these sites for maximum engagement – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many others.

7. Watch Your Competition

Unless you are a monopoly, which is surely rare in this day and age, you need to keep a watchful eye out for your competition.

The reason they are your competition is beyond the similarity in the products you are selling, but rather in the methods they are using too.

Watch their SEO practices too and how they are going about all their methods. You could easily pick up on an SEO tip and even modify it to serve you better.

8. Fresh Content is a must-have!

Fresh content is most definitely going to keep you relevant and miles ahead of your competition. There are no two ways about that.

An easier hack is trying as much as possible to update your existing content to make sense in the respective present times.



Search Engine Optimization is a headache when you just hear someone talk about it. The myth is it is hectic but like we said, a myth. These are some of the easy practices of SEO that are going to propel you ahead with your small business as you grow into the line of online business and marketing. Everyone needs a few SEO tips to get started, right? Right!


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