COVID-19: SafeBoda Suspends Ride-Hailing In Uganda & Moves To Deliveries

By April 3, 2020 News

COVID-19: SafeBoda Suspends Ride-Hailing In Uganda & Moves To Deliveries

Following Monday’s announcement by the government of Uganda that all forms of movement will be halted for the next 2 weeks across the country in an attempt to contain COVID-19, SafeBoda has suspended ride-hailing services temporarily and turned the focus to deliveries.

SafeBoda – The Company Profile

SafeBoda is acting in compliance with a directive issued by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

SafeBoda suspends rides after President Museveni directive

According to SafeBoda, their new service is going to work by connecting different businesses with their riders who are now doing full-time courier services, allowing customers to place orders online – with SafeBoda concerned to deliver products to their customers affordably within the same day or even hour.

According to Sauti Tech,  the company is making sure that its 18,000 SafeBoda Uganda riders and the growing community of entrepreneurs such as food and market vendors and shopkeepers can continue to provide for their families.

We are therefore making food and grocery delivery safe during this COVID19 pandemic and lock down. This is important to us because safety and community has always been our priority. In addition to this all deliveries will be free.”

The directive from the President put a stop on all people-to-people transportations but left room for companies that render essential services in the affected states to continue operations. The essential services companies exempted were food and drug companies, medical/health institutions, oil installations, utilities, and merchandise transportation.
” After much consideration, we have decided to prohibit all people-to-people movement including those using private means. The ban on private transport takes effect at 10:00pm today. I would have given public time to adjust but scientifically this would cause more trouble as people would try to go to villages and instead transport the #Covid-19.
This implies that a number of business outlets will remain open for business and with the definite decline in customers, SafeBoda Uganda is intending to fill this void with the deliveries, connecting customers and business owners or service providers.
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