We help Businesses improve Marketing, Sales and Planning

Our customers trust us with unique Marketing campaigns/services, planning and consultancy dedicated to expanding business and reaching a wider audience in Africa. At the core of this network is our ability to deliver data, news and analytics through innovative technology, quickly and accurately to individuals and across enterprises.


Every Business has a story to tell. We help put the story in the best way to AFRICA.

Story Telling/Video

Several brands from all over the world trust us deliver their story to Africa. From Climate change, printing, Fintech, Technology to anything we believe in, we create videos and spread them across our networks on Radio, TV, YouTube, Blogs and social networks 

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Digital Marketing

We are trusted by businesses of all types from start ups to multi-million dollar corporations in their digital marketing efforts. 



Whether its SEO, Web design, Social Media management or video, our professional team can help you get the best results both short and long term

Business Financial Planning

Our team has professional financial analysts, accountants and business analysts focused exclusively on Africa. When expanding to Africa, you need African expertise, unlike the rest of the world, Africa’s story is a little different. Like the saying goes there is no place like Africa. The same applies to Business on the continent

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