Online Marketing strategies for business growth in Uganda (Fast results)

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Digital marketing has become undoubtedly the way to go for businesses. If you aren’t already deploying digital marketing strategies for your business, your business may be headed for failure. For the first time ever in 2018, digital spend surpassed expenditure on traditional marketing which sends a statement that this is where the future is. As a marketer or an entrepreneur,

This article will break down for you a step by step strategy you could deploy for instant growth. We will break down what you can do in line with digital marketing

1) Social Media strategies

Social media is central to any digital marketing strategy

a) Stir up controversy:

Controversy tends to drive more traction that calm and logic. As a part of your strategy, you can intentionally drive up controversy. Whether the comments are positive or negative the social media platforms only view each comment, like, share or retweet as an interaction. This means they will push your post to more and more people faster perceiving your content as premium. Companies like UMEME have deployed this and grown their twitter accounts fast.

b) Use hashtags

Hash Tags were created to help people find the content they are interested in faster. Take an example if I am an accountant and follow the hashtag #accounting on Linkedin, the moment your brand posts an update that includes the #accounting, I would receive an update notifying me of your post. This will undoubtedly increase traffic to your posts.

c) Identify what your strongest social platform is

Not all social platforms are great for your company. B2B and B2C companies have different strengths in social. For B2B companies, Linkedin is actually a great tool for B2B whereas for B2C Instagram, Facebook would work better.

As a company, identify where your strength is and focus on strengthening where your powerhouse is while maintaining a presence on the other platforms too.

d) Focus on quality, not quantity.

So many people focus on getting as many people as quickly as possible. However, this is absolutely wrong. If company x has 300 followers and 200 of those bring actual business. This company would undoubtedly be much stronger than a company that has 1000 followers with 6 of the follower’s clients.

There are some fundamental no’s in social. Watch the video below to show you the things not to post about on social media

2) Search engine optimization strategies

Search is one of the most underrated tools yet the most important. Most people make it look like its just a small feature that the developer will do yet, in fact, this is a marketing platform worth billions of dollars.

This segment will show you how exactly to leverage SEO as the most powerful tool in your company’s marketing arsenal.

a) Ascertain what your companies strong keywords are:

Keywords are words that help people find your business through search engines. Take an example if your company is called Cool Dog services and you provide feeds and vet services for Dogs. It would be easier for people to find you by googling the phrase Dog Vet services would result in more leads each month than the number of people that search for cool Dig services.

b) Cater to results voice search

Voice is now a very powerful tool in search. With the statistics constantly growing through devices like Google Home and Alexa

c) Focus on low-competition, long-tail keywords

Some times getting very generic keywords like insurance may be impossible to rank higher. However, insurance companies in Uganda is easier to achieve as a keyword because you are not competing globally to rank for the same keywords with higher domain authority

3) Video content strategies

Understand that video is king (for now). 80% of all purchase decisions are made based on videos. The better the quality of videos you have the more people trust your brand.

4) Email strategies

Automate emails

5) Call, SMS and Whatsapp

a) Centralize communication

To achieve relevant marketing results from calls, SMS and WhatsApp, its important that you centralize the Data. Have a single platform that helps centralize all your marketing communications. This helps make quality control and follow up of results easier. We will be launching a platform to help with this starting April. Email us if you are interested in the beta test in April 2020



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