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When you Google Marketing Services in Uganda, you seem to get so many companies that claim to be providing marketing as a service.

The only problem is the bulk of these companies are comprised of a few young graphics designers that imagine that putting graphics on social media pages is marketing which really isn’t the case. Marketing as a service is wide. Whether it’s Digital marketing, Billboard, TV or radio marketing the scope is huge. It entails quite a number of things. But before we dive into what the marketing companies are, lets first get you to understand what marketing is so you can understand why these are the top-rated companies.

For starters, marketing entails 3 major segments as stated below:


Marketing is about the creation of content to communicate a message/story on a given product or update from within the company. Your marketing team should be in a position to create relevant content to sell your story in a way that the public truly understands and relates to your brand.

Your marketing company must have the equipment and team in place with graphics designers, writers, video editors, animation graphics designers and producers to put to life any content that is to be hosted on billboards, social networks, Youtube, TV or any other content channels out there.


What is the best channel to get your content distributed out there? Is it digital, billboard, TV, radio or all? What distribution model best fits your budget


How best do you comprehend and visualize the results from any given month of marketing? Marketing has 2 main results required:

  • How many new leads have been created?
  • How much has your brand grown over the period?

Can your marketing company help you properly visualize and analyze the results to help guide your business direction going forward?

If your marketing company can’t do this then they aren’t right for you

To help better understand this you can refer to the first marketing segment of this video:


We know you could be looking for the top marketing companies/agencies in Uganda that can actually get the job done

This article breaks down the list of marketing companies in Uganda that deliver results basing on proven track records and clients that they have done work for. We included what their strengths are and some of the companies they are providing service to.


Here is the full list of the top marketing agencies in Uganda

1) MonkeyPesa Marketing agency

The company is included on the list for its strength in Digital marketing. They are building a marketing model built around their software to help you manage your entire business as a whole.

They work mainly with startups and mid-sized companies

Questions asked? 

How is your Marketing leading to sales and direct growth?

Their software embeds social, email, WhatsApp, SMS, and all other digital channels to see how your digital marketing efforts are yielding direct result right to sales and accounting all in one platform

With real-time digital data merged with real business results at the core of how the company is built, they are one to watch as a marketing agency

Additionally: The YouTube channel focuses on providing tips to help grow your marketing efforts. Check this out here:

Services offered by monkeypesa:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social Media management
  • Website Blog development and maintaining
  • Video concept formulations
  • Video editing
  • Graphics design
  • Animations and 3D concept designs
  • Email marketing
  • Email automation
  • Content strategy


Call: +256757537658



2) Balaam Marketing Agency

Strength: They focus largely on events.

The owner Balaam was previously a DJ and involved in Uganda’s music scene. From this background, he learned how to organize music events from which he has turned out to be the countries largest music event organizers.

If you are organizing a music event, they are the marketing company to reference to.

They are also strongly linked to the Uganda Government


+256-705 800 182
+256-782 871 108

3) Fireworks

Strength: TV video ads

Fireworks advertising has worked with companies like Orange. They have been behind quite a number of the TV ads on Uganda’s television

Contacts:  +2567 59800550



Strength: Affiliation to sports

Their affiliation to sports is what landed them clients like Nile Special. They are a strong player in sports with some of their employees being even a part of the Rugby union and other sports unions.

5) MAAD Advertising

Strength: Unknown

They have a wide client base including government entities. And in terms of how long they have been around, they seem to be doing a good job. They have worked with brands like DSTV, GO TV and many more as seen on their portfolio here




This article is intended to help you understand the best marketing company to work with depending on what your business needs are. I hope this article addresses what you have been looking for