The Best Practices For Landing Page Optimization.

By June 23, 2020 Blog

A good landing page is one of those easy ways to turn your website’s visitors into something more – prospects and customers. Oh yes! Landing Page Optimization is the formula for success here. No two ways about it.

In this piece of writing, we shall look through the many practices and tips to help you do landing page optimization and in the end attract more prospects and convert more customers.

Before we dive deep, as a small reminder – A landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for your marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where a visitor “lands” after they click on a link. The link could be in an email, or ads from Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or similar places on the web. You can find more here.


What is Landing Page Optimization?


Landing page optimization refers to the process of enhancing or improving each element on your landing page to increase conversions. Instead of redesigning the entire page based solely on a hunch, you use data and anecdotal evidence.


If you are wondering why you need to go through the work of landing page optimization, look at this crazy stat from Hubspot,

“We discover that as much as 90% of the new leads we generate each month actually converted on offers we didn’t create or actively promote that month. Furthermore, up to 70% of new leads have come from offers we hadn’t touched in over three months.”

I don’t know about you right about now but I would love to work on something that will even get me leads, prospects in 6 months after completing the task.

Just like Rome, you can not build the perfect landing page in one day. It is going to take time, a host of edits, and tweaks to give the perfect product in the end after analyzing the data that has been coming in.

Landing page optimization is a subset of conversion rate optimization (CRO) and involves using methods such as A/B testing to improve the conversion goals of a given landing page.


Best Practices And Tips For Landing Page Optimization

Landing Pages are all about conversion, and that means their performance needs to be improved to give improvements in business results.

Landing page optimization, in the long run, can help you lower your customer acquisition costs, acquire more customers, and maximize the value of your ad spend.


1. Show A Phone Number

This is a call-to-action. The availability of a phone number on your landing page assures your prospects that the company is willing to have human interactions, as there will be someone to answer it on the other end. It can also come in handy for customers who may not be comfortable with leaving digital footprints of transactions but want to use/have your service/product.

2. Consistency

From ad through the landing page and onto the destination site, design, messaging and tone should be consistent. This shows a high level of organization of your company in the eyes of the prospect. Your upstream ad is the source and using a river analogy, you should be drinking from the same stream at the end of the journey as you were at the start.

3. Have A Compelling Headline

It should be attractive, and also the first thing they see when they reach your landing page. And go on to make it short. Long is boring.

4. Optimize for Visual

This is a case of beautification. Everyone loves something that looks good. Visual content will help your page rank for certain keywords.

Website landing page development – sketch on math book

5. Reduce the reading

You want your prospect reading over less and finding the info they need to act on quickly.

6. Limit The Number Of Actions

Test removing website navigation elements, extra form fields, or any other unnecessary functionality. You’d be surprised how much a simple design with more white space can lead to more conversions.

7. Simple Design

Remove the clutter avoid your many calls-to-action competing with one another.


8. Interprete Terms and Conditions

You have no business making the information in the T&Cs hard to understand. The breakdown that information because if the prospects try to read through and fail to understand it, they will walk away.

9. Use Scarcity Techniques

“Hurry while stock lasts.” “Limited Offer.” Such statements provide intrigue.  Scarcity compels your landing page visitors to act now because they know they might miss out if they wait.



Keep it simple. The content you’re creating now shouldn’t only consider your current campaigns and goals; it should also be optimized to generate leads months and years into the future. That is the beauty of landing page optimization.


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