Instagram Is Testing Shopping Tags in Post Captions

By July 3, 2020 Blog, Marketing

2020 has been revolutionary for the world and now Instagram is looking to making eCommerce more of an emphasis, it’s testing a range of new, in-stream shopping tools, including Shops and the expansion of shopping tags.

And among those tests, you may have noticed this on some accounts.


Ardent social media user Matt Navarra (via Oriol Salvador), says that some Instagram profiles now have the ability to add shopping tags in their post captions, which, when tapped, take you through to a shoppable product page.

Instagram has been testing the option with a small group of accounts in the US that are currently able to use the Checkout function.

It’s an interesting addition, providing another way to get Instagram users tapping through on your products. As noted, businesses can already use Shopping Tags, which appear in post images, but this would essentially enable users to double-down, giving you another clickable link in each post.

But it’s not widely available yet. It may become more accessible once Instagram rolls out Shops, but right now, it’s still fairly limited.

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It’s another consideration to keep in mind for Instagram, which will likely get more emphasis as more people get used to being able to buy products from their feeds.

Instagram, with all its users, definitely presents a huge marketing opportunity more so it opened up its photo feed to advertisers and rolled out a “Shop Now” button. The platform continues to dominate in the consumer marketing space therefore to get more sales on Instagram you need to have a huge following.

Did you know that a better approach to growing your audience or your brand on Instagram is all about creating micro-connections that gradually accumulates into an active and engaged community on the platform?

To begin your push at building a presence on Instagram, you first need to build an audience and learn how to promote your business without turning people off. Instagram can be a highly-targeted, visual marketing channel for your brand and an opportunity to build a loyal audience that grows with your business.


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Originally published: Social Media Today