Hubspot is one of the world’s largest CRM, Marketing & sales automation tools. The company has been existent for a long time and is actually listed on the NYSE currently trading at $168. It’s pricing however may be out of the ordinary especially for smaller businesses. Its marketing hub, for example, starts at $800 per month for up to 1000 users. The more the users you add the more you are charged. This is charged annually. Your company would have to pay $9600 a year which most companies can’t afford globally.

As of 2020, these are the best Hubspot alternatives:


MonkeyPesa is an all in one Business management tool. The platform provides an integrated tool with CRM, Marketing, Sales, Customer care and accounting.

The service is availed at one standard price much cheaper than what Hubspot is available at.

Pricing: $19.99- $99.99 for unlimited users



Formally infusionsoft, the company was bought by Keap

They offer many of the same features as HubSpot at a slightly more affordable rate.

You can manage 5,000 contacts, send unlimited emails, manage landing pages and lead capture forms, run an eCommerce store and retrieve analytic reports. It’s got a flowchart-style campaign builder that people like, high email deliverability rates and fast platform loading.

The main drawback is the mandatory $2,000 educational training when you sign up for “quick-start services.”

Pricing: $140 for 1000 users


Also listed on the NYSE, this is the alternative version of a US based CRM. The CRM is very affordable however their other services are expensive. It is separated into separate services and each service is independent of the other and priced independent of the other

The social Suite for example starts at $1000 per month billed annually.