How to Grow your Wealth as an entrepreneur

By February 17, 2020 News

Basing on the richest man in Babylon and other books, we curated the best ways to grow your wealth. These are the 6 steps to help everyone grow their wealth:

  1. Save at least 10% of all money earned for at least a year. of any money that belongs to you/has been earned by you, save at least 10% over the entire year. The amount of money saved will help buy an asset or be invested at the year’s end.
  2. Control thy expenditures: Cutting down expenditures by just 1/10 would result in so much saving that you may never have expected
  3. Invest in things you are knowledgeable: Knowledge is the ultimate source of profit
  4. Keep learning
  5. Guard your money against loss
  6.  Create passive income