How to grow your social media audience (Quick tips)

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Growing social media audience is not something that just happens in a fort night, it takes long and this seems to be a hindrance to most of the brands. MonkeyPesa is here to give you the best on how you can grow your social media following in 2020.

Brands, organizations, and institutions use social media platforms every single day to connect with their audiences, raise awareness, drive leads and businesses.

Currently there are 3.484 billion social media users in the world; this shows that a huge population on the globe is using social media. In Africa 58.91% use Facebook, 16.93% use YouTube, 9.55% use Pinterest, 8.14% use twitter, 6.18% use Instagram, 0.09% use Tumblr.

With these numbers above indicates that most people are using social media for either marketing or other purposes and therefore it is a site worth growing your brand.
Looking to grow your social media audience? In this post, we will look at simple ways in which you can grow your social media audience.

These are some of top quick wins to grow your social media audience.

Hold contests
Contests can be a great way to get new people to Like and follow your accounts, while also keeping your current fans engaged with your Page. It’s worth experimenting with contests on every social network on which you are active. Some examples of social media contests include: Comment to win, Caption contest, Fill-in-the-blank Contest, Photo contest this will increase the rate of engagement. You can use different tactics to promote social media content for example; promoting them everywhere, giving prizes related to the brand, follow up with participants who didn’t win and following the platform rules.

Include a visuals or images on every post
Images perform highly on social media therefore it makes sense to include an eye-catching, colorful image or graphic with each post. Images take a lot of attention and more so posts with images tend to have more likes and comments unlike posts without. Statistics show that content with relevant images gets 94% more views than those without; posts with visual images are more likely to be shared unlike those without.

Share more video content.
Currently, video is the most engaging content type on every social media platform, so if you can, it’s a good idea to create at least some form of video content to maximize engagement. Upload videos that are relevant to your content and the core information should come first. Upload your video directly to a platform of your choice, rather than posting a link to an outside website. This way, your video will auto play as people land on it while scrolling through their feeds, grabbing more attention. Lots of views can lead to increased reach, engagement, and exposure for your brand thus more social media audience.

An example of video content:

Be proactive in listening and responding to your online community.
To make your online community become loyal, free and trust worthy you must engage them by responding to their questions and giving feedback about their opinions and comments. This makes them to feel attached to the brand simply because they are given attention. Research shows that 83 % of your Facebook followers want response on that very day of asking and the same as 71% of your twitter followers and 32% of twitter users want response in 30 minutes. You can choose to give your followers the best user experience by responding to their questions, their needs and solutions in time.

Change your Page profile photos and create strong profiles.
Consider having a strong profile as one of the ways of increase your following, fill out all your details on all your social media pages Facebook, twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, add you’re your contact details for those who wished to reach to you. Your profile photos cover photos, highlights, stories and banners are some of your best and most-viewed social profile elements. Use these visual tools to showcase the impact of your work, and the stories of those who benefit from your services. On Facebook, consider changing your cover photo at least once per month, and remember to write a great caption, On Twitter, use your profile picture and banner photo to highlight your great work, on Instagram put highlights showing the work you do. This will attract more following and engagement since most of the social media audience love visuals.

Give people a reason to follow you
People will follow you simply because they have seen an output of your work therefore try to upload your content and the kind of work you do on all your social media pages. Content can be in form of written articles, images or even videos this will entice more of them to follow you. Caption your posts very well and write more about your products or your brand don’t simply post to fulfill the job. For example, you should use Twitter to share latest news and real-time alerts, while you can use Facebook to tell more compelling and longer stories about the people who benefit from your work. You should look to strategically use each social media channel based on its strengths and demographics, and give your target social media audience a good reason to connect with you on that specific network. What value are you providing? What are you offering that will entice them to stay tuned in?

Encourage tagging

Encourage your followers to tag other people who may benefit from it, or enjoy a specific post or tag their friends, this helps to draw the attention of those other people thus they may end up becoming potential followers. For example if you post an inspiring quote you can choose to tag a friend who needs to see that, if you post a video you can still tag many of your people and friends as well  this will in turn help you harvest many more social media audience.

Use hashtags to get found

People who use hashtags get their posts seen so much especially by people who follow a certain hashtag even if they don’t follow you in reality this increases the number of views and engagements with the post.  There are two great ways to use hashtags to increase your social media audience that is; Use of popular hashtags like; #love, #photooftheday, #throwback and many more the important thing is to find one that is relevant to your social media audience and content. Secondly participate in using the trending and current topics, find relevant hashtags and use them as long as you know that they will engage and interest your social media audience.

Hashtags help you follow conversations around your social media audience

Be entertaining, and use humor to engage

Brands that show a bit of humanity and humor do well on social media – but that said, you should always ensure that any content that you do share makes sense for your particular audience and your brand voice. Share memes and funny posts to keep your social media audience active and not bored but all in all they should be in line with your with your content and brand, make sure that the posts and memes you share don’t turn off the audience.

 Explore paid social

One of the best ways to grow your social media audience and gain more exposure is to invest a modest amount into paid social advertisements. When done well, paid social ads can promote your content, increase conversions, and help you reach new people. Precise audience targeting enables you to focus your ads on warm audiences, people who’ve visited your website, people who are subscribed to your email list, and your current fans and followers. Facebook’s advanced options, in particular, can be hugely beneficial in reaching just the right people with your paid outreach.

Paid ads are good to grow your social media audience

Never, ever buy followers and fans

Some people think that buying fans and followers would help them build a strong brand and increase the number of social media audience, this will instead load your profile with robot followers and this might in turn ruin your social media audience insights as some of them may later turn out to be inactive after getting the pleasures they wanted. And that’s before you consider ads for example, if you tried to boost one of your Facebook posts, Facebook’s system would try to show it to more people like those who already follow your Page. You’d essentially be paying to reach bots, and the same implications apply to various other ad targeting measures. You should focus on creating posts and sharing information that will attract the right people – the people that you need to engage, take an action, and cultivate for a deeper relationship along the line. The more people you can reach on social media organically and through advertising, the better your launch and your on-going sales will be.

Choose the right social platform

The first important thing is knowing the right social media platform. You need to understand what the platform really does, who uses it, how people use it, and determine whether it makes sense for your business. To have a presence, your brand should be on the platform(s) your consumers are on. There are some social media platforms that can’t be ignored for example Facebook has over 2.4 billion monthly active users, Twitter has over 330 million users, YouTube has many subscribers, Instagram has over I billion users and LinkedIn as well , therefore using these platforms would be of great impact to gain more social media audience.


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