How to create twitter ads for maximum traffic

By March 4, 2020 Blog, Marketing

You are looking for a great social media marketing channel, twitter is here for you. This platform is turning out to be one of the greatest social media marketing channels by driving traffic to your website, generating leads as well as increasing sales.

Currently twitter has over 330 million monthly active users. Research has it that 63% of Twitter users follow small businesses this clearly shows you that brands or companies that advertise with twitter are actually achieving growth in terms of sales and lead plus followers.

Different brands advertise on twitter differently for example some brands use organic advertising while other use paid advertising. Advertising on twitter enables you promote individual tweets or entire campaigns dedicated to specific objectives.

Twitter Ads allow businesses to promote their most important messages to the audience they would most like it to reach therefore to expand your reach and grow your follower list on Twitter, consider supplementing your organic efforts with the paid promotional adverts.

Using Twitter Ads is an easy way to get your tweets in front of the audiences that don’t yet follow you, which is particularly useful for generating new leads for your business.

There are different types of twitter ads you can use to advertise and promote your business and these include;

Promoted tweets– These are tweets an advertiser pays to display to people who are not already following them on Twitter.

Promoted Accounts– These allow you to promote your Twitter account to targeted Twitter users who don’t follow you but might find your content interesting.

Promoted Trends- These allow you to promote a hashtag at the top of trending tags.

How to Create Twitter ads for maximum website traffic 

Set up your Twitter ads account

If you are new on twitter or it’s your first time to advertise with twitter then you might have to first create a twitter ads account. To create a twitter ads account log into your Twitter account, then go to Enter your country and time zones, then click continue. So when you already have account you can move on to the next steps.

Choose an objective for your Twitter Ads.

To run a twitter ad campaign you need to determine your objective and know what you anticipate to achieve from running the campaigns. There are eight objectives to choose from,

  • Awareness;If you want a maximum number of people to see your Promoted tweet.
  • Tweet engagements:If you want to maximize engagement with your Promoted tweets.
  • Followers:If you want to build your Twitter audience.
  • Website clicks:If you want people to go to your website and take action.
  • App installs: If you want people to install your app.
  • App re-engagements:If you want people who already have your app to open and use it.
  • Promoted video views:If you want people to watch your videos or GIF s.
  • In-stream video views:If you want to run a short video ad at the start of videos from Twitter’s premium content partners.

 Fill in the details your ad campaign.          

When you are done choosing the objectives then you can name your ad campaign, when it is starting and when it’s ending. You can choose to include the budget to run your ad campaign as well or you can include any other necessary information that you might want to fill in because some objectives require much more information than others depending on the one you chose.

Create an ad group within your campaign.

Ad groups are individual ads or a sub category of your campaign that consists of their own budgets, audiences, and start and end times but operate under your larger campaign. Most people when it’s their first campaign they usually stick to one ad group but as you go along getting used then you can decide to create different ad groups with different times of end and start date and budget as well. For marketers who wish to drive more traffic to their website it’s advisable to create and use more Ad groups since they target more people. With twitter ads you might choose to pay for them depending on the different bids you want to use for example Automatic bid bills every time your audience gets engaged with your ad, Maximum bid gives control over how much you are willing to pay every time your audience gets engaged with your ad content and there is also target bid.

Identify your target audience.

Knowing the right people to advertise too is critical. It helps you place your ads right before the people who have interest in your product without necessarily wasting too much of your money. You can identify your target audience based on their demographics for example age, this requires to understand which age group are you targeting teens or old people, gender whether men or women, location, where the people you are targeting live, language, how do they communicate and which language do they use mostly whether English or not and also the technology they use.

Choose a placement for you ad

When you are done knowing the right audience, then you can go ahead and choose where to place your ad, you can choose to create a new tweet for you ad or run it in the news feed or choose from a list of existing tweets.

Review your ad

Reviewing your ad is critical; it helps you establish whether everything is okay before you actually launch your ad

Finally launch your ad    

When everything else is sorted now you can go ahead to launch your ad successfully.

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