how to create Instagram ads to drive more traffic to your website.

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Quite often marketers and businessmen don’t think about making effective use of ads to advertise their brands yet they give good results in regards to Return on Investment

To maximize sales therefore, marketers are encouraged to use ads because they have been proven to be working and effective for example research has it that 75 % of Instagram users take action on Instagram ads either by purchasing a product or visiting website.

Instagram advertising is a method of paying to post sponsored content on Instagram platform in order to reach a larger and more targeted audience. This can be done in form of using images, short videos, GIF s and animations with accompaniment of a text.

Instagram currently has over one billion users; this means that for brands which advertise on Instagram have got it right and therefore can easily boost their sales and increase revenue.

Instagram ads can help brands and business owners to market their products easily since most of the ads pop up in news feeds, while watching videos or even simply when scrolling through a phone. Here most of the customers open the ads and in the end get interested in product or even makes a purchase.

Instagram has different types of ads and these include; stories ads, photo ads, video ads, carousel ads and collection ads. Before using Instagram ads to advertise, it’s much important to understand how to create Instagram ads, here is a guideline to help you do or create Instagram ads.


Identify and set your goal

For every campaign to be successful it must start with goal setting, therefore in your case of knowing how to create Instagram ads! What is your goal? You can choose your goal to be for example increasing awareness about the presence of your product so that you can find appropriate clients or customers, increasing more sales and purchases. Goal setting helps drive towards achieving the best results.

Find out your appropriate audience

Knowing your appropriate audience helps you understand the kind of people you are going to advertise too. Use Instagram analytics to find out who your real audience are or you can use tools like  Falcon to help you learn more about your audience. In consideration to knowing your audience; know who they are? What do they do for a living? What is their income status and where can I find them and which other platforms do they use so that you can actually blow your ads to the relevant people. Find out what kind of content your Instagram audience responds to and appreciates then you can publish or post content that is in line with what your audience likes. You can as well try to understand the tastes of your audience by testing times and posting different content to see what works out better and what doesn’t.

Improve and polish your ad content.

Now that you understand your audience and what their interests are, create content that is on point and  in line with what your audience wishes  to see or to hear because content is key and it communicates a message that you wish to pass on to your audience. For example if your content is in form of an image endeavor to make it look pretty and attractive to your target audience, if it’s a video shoot it from a smart and decent environment, be smart, have a warm and friendly tone and finally be consistent with your content and let it flow in the same this helps to build trust with your target audience.

Create your own relevant hashtag.

Having a relevant hashtag helps your target audience to easily locate and find you therefore having a hashtag that supports your content helps you to get more following. Your hashtags should be short, unique, easy to memorize and easy to remember so that your audience doesn’t have to struggle in case they want to find by simply typing in your hashtag for example #MonkeyPesa, this is memorizable, short and easy to remember.

Choose a placement for your ad

After understanding and finding the right audience with the right content in place then you choose where you want to place your ads for instance in case of Instagram you can choose to place your image or video ads in Instagram feed, stories, highlights and status depending on what you feel will generate for you more leads and maximize sales.

Plan and determine on the budget for your ads.

Planning a budget for your ads in advance helps to know how much you need to spend on ads so that you are well prepared by the time you start to actually use the ads depending how long the ad will run and when you will launch the ad . There are two types of budget options; daily budget, that shows how much you will spend on your Instagram ads per day and lifetime budget which specifies the maximum amount you want to spend on your ad campaign throughout its run. So you can choose the budget option of your choice while considering the time aspect depending how long the ad will run.

Choose a format for your ad

Choose a format in which you want your Instagram page to look like, you can choose to use a single image, a video, Instagram stories or use multiple images. The format you decide on usually depends on the goal set from the first phase.

Include a website link to your ad

If you want more audience to reach you or increase more traffic to your website then it’s a good idea because more followers might click and follow the link.

Add a call-to-action

Call to action helps to communicate your audience in your absence, you can just choose from a number of options; these include; watch more, sign up, download, contact us, apply now, and learn more and shop or buy now however this is ideal for those who wish to increase sales. Nanigans found that choosing the right CTA button boosted their conversions by 32%.

Review your ad and request for an order.

Review your ad before placing for your order or you can give it to someone else to read through before publishing it and then go ahead to publish your ad and click confirm.

Monitor your performance

When you are done publishing your ad then you can go ahead to monitor its performance. If it’s not performing as well as you hoped then you can change and put up more ads and change what the ones you had previously published.

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