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LinkedIn is a great marketing platform that increases visibility and therefore it’s easy to find your potential clients thus creating a path to achieving the best results.

LinkedIn currently has 310 monthly active users this a great deal to salesmen, businessmen, recruiters and job seekers to utilize its existence to get their best results out it.

As social networking platform LinkedIn provides an opportunity for people to connect and become friends, this gives a ground to easily find clients especially for B2B companies since most of the people who use LinkedIn are in the corporate social world. Researcher shows that 92 % of the marketers use LinkedIn in the digital marketing world.

LinkedIn is constantly changing by adding new features and improving existing ones for example they introduced videos thus favoring those who wish to use for more purposes of advertising and marketing.

Top Secret Tips to achieve the best results on LinkedIn  

Send voice messages

When connecting with someone for the first time, send a thank you voice message. This creates an impression and it makes you stand out from everyone else and starts the relationship off well. Voice messages are sent from the mobile app and can be found under messaging. Show to your connections that you are appreciative by responding to them nicely.

Post frequently on your company page.

Posting frequently keeps your profile up to date and helps you to get more connections as people keep seeing your daily updates, the more they read about your profile the more they send in requests. Posts which attract likes and comments in their first published hour are seen by more people. Engagement is the key to posts performing strongly given the opportunity that now Google indexes LinkedIn posts and they can be found in the search feed if specific terms are used to Google about them. Comments are the most useful, shares are the least. While followers of your company page will be the most likely to see posts from there, if you share posts through your own feed they will be more widely seen and you can have other team members do the same.

When inviting a LinkedIn member to connect with you, make it personal.

While requesting for a connection from a LinkedIn member, keep it personal and explain to the person why you would like to connect with them. The recipient is more likely to say yes if a good approach. Use add a note field to write a message that explains why they should connect with you.

Use your personal address to log in to LinkedIn, not your work address.

Many people lose access to their LinkedIn account because they use their work address to log in. When they change jobs, they no longer have that email address and can’t get into their account thus losing connections.

Create a longer headline to properly showcase your skills and what you do.

Most headlines are a maximum of 120 characters. But when typed in on the mobile app, 220 characters can be used. It can only be edited on the app too but a longer headline will follow you around LinkedIn. Longer headlines help you to explain clearly what you do, the products or the services you offer. This will create a more understanding with your connections.

Update your LinkedIn profile and include your profile pictures.

Update your profile and include all the necessary details, make your cover image visual and information rich. This adds visual interest to your LinkedIn profile helping you stand out. When you include a tagline, web address and relevant background image to your cover, it grabs attention. This is valuable and an important real estate that is often overlooked. Wear your usual work attire, smile and look either directly into the camera or slightly from right to left. Zoom in so your face is still recognizable when viewed on mobile. Ensure that your profile doesn’t hide an important part of your cover image.

Update and complete your contact information so people can easily find you.

LinkedIn allows you to add an address, physical/postal address, an email address, two phone numbers, three websites, your Twitter handle and a range of instant messenger platforms including Skype you can choose to include as many as you have so that it becomes easy for those people who wish to contact  or reach to you physically.

Include media in your about.

To give your profile visual interest, include media. This could be images, videos, documents, certifications, and website links or anything that is relevant to your work. This helps you stand out from others in your field while also enhancing your own credibility and reputation in the industry. Update this often. This is free online real estate so make the most of it by including media that represents your business in the best possible way. These are added by way of posts as you would on your profile page. Documents aren’t common on company pages yet, so stand out by adding some to yours.

Set up a company page for your business.

Every company wanting to use LinkedIn in its marketing needs a company page. This should include all the contact and business information, plus an overview of what the company does, for whom and the points of difference. Endeavor to include images and videos to show what you do; this creates some sense of trust to your connections

Add followers.

The minimum number of followers a company page needs to start having impact is 150. While the page may attract followers organically, it takes time so get the ball rolling by requesting follows from team members, suppliers, clients, business colleagues, networking group members, friends on LinkedIn and anyone else you feel might benefit this will in turn help you to achieve your best results.

Include your brand or company logo. Without it your profile won’t display it, either.

Including your company logo shows to your followers or connections what you do, which might in turn create some kind of interest to them. Remember to replace the default company page cover image with one that represents your brand. The designated space for the logo is a square, which makes it difficult if your logo is long and thin.

Posting quality content regularly is the best way to build a following.

There are four main types of posts; text-only, video, image and document. Interchange them so there’s plenty of variety for your followers and connections to see. Text-only posts get the highest views, only post videos that have captions. Many people can’t listen to a video if they are in an office, travelling or don’t have headphones. Give them the opportunity to see your text instead through captions.

Be professional and relevant in your videos.

LinkedIn is a business platform so your videos should be about your business or at least business related. There’s no reason you can’t be personal in them though if you’re videoing yourself be warm, friendly, personable and professional. Make sure that your videos are relevant to your brand.

Writing only promotional posts is not best practice.

A good rule of thumb is to upload one promotional post for every nine value-added posts. That way you are showcasing your knowledge while helping others instead of merely touting for business which is off-putting to many on LinkedIn. Sharing so many promotional posts might be irritating to some people and this could lead them to unfollow you.

Use 3–5 hashtags only at the end of each post.

Overuse of hashtags does not help a post gain more views; it reduces the amount of text you can include. Make hashtags relevant to your post, the intention of hashtags is to help people find posts about topics they are interested in, not topics they are not. Irrelevant hashtags will not win you any friends. Choose from the top 100 list compiled by Andy Foote at:


Don’t tag people in posts in the hopes that they will comment

This strategy doesn’t work; it only irritates those you have irrelevantly tagged, however, tag people who appear in photos of  your post or you can always first request you connections to tag them before you do so.

Articles still have a place in LinkedIn publishing.

While articles are more time-consuming to produce and rarely receive as many views as posts, they are nonetheless important for topics that require more than a mere 1300 characters. They build into a library which increases your credibility. Aim for at least one article per quarter. Furthermore, articles remain archived on your profile while posts tend to disappear.

React to a post instead of just liking it.

LinkedIn offers five variations on liking a post – the usual blue thumbs up, hands clapping (applause or congratulations), heart (or love), a light bulb (insightful) and a questioning face (curious). Any of these is counted as a like, and they display alongside the person’s face under reactions immediately below the post. Make comments this shows your connections that you are actually engaged with their posts and they might do the same in return.

Follow up with connections.

While not everyone you connect with will want to hear from you personally, some will, and they will respond to messages. Forge relationships with these people by sending them voice, video or written messages that are useful and helpful.

Follow instead of connecting.

If you want to see what your competitor is doing on LinkedIn but don’t want them to know you are looking at them, follow them instead of connecting with them. Their activity will then show up in your notifications. This will help to know what special products they are offering that you could be missing, you can even pick some innovations from them to improve your brand.

Join relevant LinkedIn groups

Groups are useful if all members are aware of what’s going on, but they will get annoyed with it very quickly if they weren’t consulted about or agreed to being included in the group in the first place. Another way to expand your network is to join relevant LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn allows you to join up to 100 groups. You can significantly increase your reach (potentially by thousands or even millions of people, many of whom are potential prospects) by joining relevant groups, which are often full of your ideal clients.

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