Free CRM’s for South Africa

By March 14, 2020 Blog, CRM

CRM’s are crucial for every business. They (CRM’s) play a fundamental role in how relationships between your company, clients, suppliers or partners are managed. With technology now at the core of how businesses are operated in South Africa

Criteria considered when choosing a CRM

a) Price:

This comes in handy in case you anticipate to shift from free to paid versions. The result depends on what the companies budget is. Some CRM’s are priced to the tune of over $199 a month whereas others are free

b) Support availability in South Africa:

The best platforms offer support in South African time. Some times, quick assistance is required the better CRM’s for South Africa should offer either 24 hour support or support during work hours in GMT+2

c) Are there other businesses using the platform in South Africa?


These are the Top Free CRM’s for South Africa


Listed on the New York Stock exchange, Hubspot provides a free CRM that several businesses in South Africa are using.

Free Feature


Built-in Africa for the world, the platform provides a free CRM trusted by over 1,000 businesses in South Africa globally


CRM module of CatalystK provides full business Automation, Tracking of customer and their interest, Customization, Reports, and Maintenance of customer records


The Indian/ US based CRM has a free version built for easy usages.


Built out of Russia, the Free CRM is currently used by over 6,000,000 businesses. They provide a free CRM that businesses in South Africa are using