Engaging Customers During The Corona virus Pandemic

By June 15, 2020 Blog

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken a huge toll on the world, and the entire global economic scale has been put up for revision. Engaging Customers has never been more paramount. The onus is on marketers to navigate the behavior of their customers and reciprocate in equal measure.

One thing is a given – the digital shift is in high gear with people around the world using all digital channels available to fulfill the human need to socialize, communicate, and connect, digital marketing is more critical than ever.

With the high levels of uncertainty, customers are now listening, browsing, interactive more critically than before COVID-19. There is much more attention to products now.

Here is a cheat code on engaging customers now:

“43 percent of consumers find it reassuring to hear from brands they know and trust in this pandemic, so it’s more important than ever for brands to respond with empathy and prove worthy of this trust.”


There are many stay-home customers held back because of the lockdowns and shutdowns imposed by various governments, Africa and Uganda very much inclusive. While it might be an option for many to trim down on expenditure, business sense dictates that companies should invest extensively in engaging customers in different ways, on top of modifying their operations.

“According to a recent survey by Statista, 54 percent of respondents said that they were staying home more due to Covid-19.”

 The ultimate goal is now to switch up and foster engaging customers that are limiting their inter-person connections by staying put at home.c 

Tips To Keep Engaging Customers During COVID-19


1. Read The Room

While it is evident that you want to stay at the top of your competition and remain your customer’s only option, be sensitive and responsive to the times and surroundings. review your messages and make sure the communication therein isn’t inciting.

Example: KFC pulled their ad with its ‘Finger-Lickin’ good’ slogan after fans blasted it as ‘irresponsible’ amid the coronavirus pandemic as it wasn’t in line with the hygiene protocols in place to curb COVID-19.

Do you recall those emails you put in automation before truly understanding the adverse effects of the pandemic? Those? Cancel the automation before your company comes off as insensitive.

2. Set Up A Hotline

This is Customer Relationship Management 101. Your customers need to know that the pandemic can not come between them and reaching you. And Yes – open your DMs. There is no reason to restrict access to your DMs. Cancel the chatbots and have actual attendants respond to your customers.

3. Use More Video

Another way to personify and humanize your customer’s experience is to put faces to the company they are choosing to trust.  Engage your customers with video chats. You can show them around your company so they could meet in the back end who are endeavoring to see that they have all they want at this time.


4. Switch Up The Channels

Lockdown, restricted on eased, has come with hindrances. On top of that list is the fact that movements have been minimalized. If you were running a physical store, you are now probably thinking of expanding your online shopping operations. You could go ahead and reward online shopping to push your customers to your online portals.

5. Virtual Conferencing

Did you have a conference coming up and was hanging in the balance because Corona Virus will not allow people to sit in attendance openly? Webinars are becoming a norm, use them. Broadcast the discussion over your social media channels for the traffic on there.

6. Donate With/To Your Customers

Very many people have been affected gravely by COVID-19.  Be the company that’s empathetic and performs CSR in terms of donating to those at the frontline or heavily affected. They could be your customers or your customers’ donation destination. This will change the way your customers view you and your company – for the better. You could as well give a percentage of the purchase payments to charity. This could go a long way to pushing customers to push and donate indirectly with you.




Marketers are sleeping less and fighting tooth and nail to find that strategy to make them not only survive the Corona Virus but also stay relevant in the market and keep their customers abreast of how to keep in touch with them.


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