Email Marketing strategy : An Effective Guide

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You have probably read that email marketing is really good for you but is it as easy as it sounds? An email marketing strategy is one you need nonetheless, and let’s see how to get you one.

You will need a complete email marketing strategy put in place for you to have an effective campaign. With a projected usage of 4 billion users currently, email marketing is a must when it comes to reaching target audiences and fast business scaling.

Owing to tech advancement, marketers are as well faced with turbulent times. From changes in the way marketing campaigns get delivered to new technologies that revolutionize the way we do things, there’s always something that needs adapting to and altering.

Technology affects your email marketing strategy

Email Mistakes

Before we delve into the practices to help you optimize and maximize gains from your email campaigns, let’s discuss the few bottlenecks that ought to be avoided.

Here is what to avoid for your email marketing strategy

Email is one of the best ways to reach your target customers, and for that reason, it’s not a good thing to end up in the spam folder. The most common email marketing mistakes that you need to avoid are:


Trespassing is unacceptable anywhere in the world. In the same spirit is unsolicited messaging. Recipients first must agree to your messages. If you send them unsolicited email messages, you’ll be marked as spam immediately. Use an opt-in form on your webpage to ensure that people will voluntarily subscribe to your email list.

Spam Content 

When sending content to your subscribers, don’t do the following mistakes like hash busting, bad linking, misleading subject lines, sloppy HTML code or too much imagery. Also, don’t overuse CAPS LOCK, because in general, people don’t want to be shouted at. Otherwise, users will send your messages to email spam. 

Spam is a bad folder to be thrown into.

Legal Violations

ISPs will filter out every email that violates the CAN-SPAM act of 2003. To avoid any sort of violation, make your “unsubscribe” button visible in your email message, and make the un-subscription easy for readers. Make sure that your subject lines are relevant and your physical address is correct as well.

Value and Context

Put simply, avoid pumping your readers with numerous editions for example 4 or 5 in a week. Furthermore, avoid sending messages to people who are not interested.

Implementing An Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Build An Email List

Before you go into anything under email marketing, you will definitely need the email addresses to be sending messages to. The best practice for this is to use the subscriber options on the webpage – it lets clients sign up for news, updates on their own will, which usually means they are very interested. To do that, you’ll need to create attractive opt-in forms that get attention and encourage people to sign up.

Part of an email marketing strategy is to collect email addresses

Know Your Goals

All good marketing starts with setting goals, and email marketing is no different. To run a successful email marketing campaign, the goals you intend to achieve will lead you forward. Typical goals for an email marketing campaign include:

  • Welcoming new subscribers and telling them about your business and values so you start to build a relationship with them.
  • Boosting engagement with your content and your business, whether that’s promoting a webinar or trying to make an initial sale.
  • Nurturing existing subscribers by providing something they’ll value.
  • Re-engaging subscribers who haven’t been particularly active.
  • Segmenting your subscribers so you can send more targeted email marketing campaigns.

Understand Your Audience

If you have been doing email marketing for a while, you have probably determined your audience. If you are a beginner, not to worry, you can start collecting the data from the very first email you send out.

A target audience is outlined as a group of people at which an email marketing campaign is directed at. These are the people that are most likely to be converted into customers with each email that is sent. It is vital that your emails satisfy the needs and interests of each of your subscribers.


Don’t forget to personalize your email message. A personalized email will be more profitable for your business than a generic copy-pasted email message. The latter will almost always put off clients. Read More Here.

Subject Line

Craft a good subject line. A good starting point for any successful email marketing campaign is the subject line, which plays a crucial role in getting people to open and click your emails. The more thought out it is, the more engaging it is most likely going to be. Like the headline on your blog post, an email subject line has to get attention so people want to go further. You can find a few tips on Hubspot outlined.

Keep your layout simple

Avoid unnecessary overloads of the information. Things you need to avoid include flashy graphics, huge fonts. The easier to navigate that the layout is, the more appealing clients will find it to relate with your message. Mailbakery, on their blog, highlighted 10 of the best email marketing campaign examples you’ll ever see.

Easy to use email marketing templates by Constant Contact

Include a call to action

The part about marketing will lose its own meaning if there is no way for customers to go beyond looking. Ask customers to click on a provided link, or fill out a survey to collect data or make a purchase. Whatever call to action you choose, just make sure you actually have one in the emails you send. There quite a number of call-to-action examples you can employ and your clients will most likely click on them.


Keep these things in mind when you create and send your email campaigns. While they won’t necessarily guarantee that your permission-based campaign will be a 100% smashing success, the above, when observed in your email marketing strategic plan certainly improve your open rates and ROI.


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