10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Email Open Rate

By February 17, 2020 Blog, Marketing

Your email open rate reflects on your leads. Your emails have to be opened for you to start thinking about having leads, translating into huge business.

If your emails aren’t getting opened, you are wasting your time. Sending an email for the sake of sending an email is about as useful as washing your clothes only to have them hang in the mud.

According to Neil Patel – “Almost 75% of people don’t open emails and about 95% of those who do open them don’t bother to follow any of the links.”

Okay – that is a very worrying stat, to say the least because whoever is attempting email marketing is looking at higher email open rates.

Unique email open rates for different industries. Via Neil Patel

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal, but it only works if your recipients open the emails you send them. Every open email raises the potential for sales.


Let’s Look At Tips That Will Increase Your Email Open Rate



It is one of the oldest tricks in the book but it is very effective. We love it when we are addressed by our names. Inadvertently, this could work well for you too.

Deliver Value

Keep the email precise and to the point. The more your potential client hoers over your message, the less likely they will open more emails from you.

Compelling Subject Line

A short and captivating subject line will drive intrigue in the potential client and they will open your email.

Mind Your Language

There are words that trigger reject and when your potential customers see them in an email, it will probably be the last email for you they open. Words like “Free”, “Win”, “Gift”,”Promotion”,”Get.”

Add A Bit Of Negativity

Positivity sells but negativity sparks debate. This simply means potential clients will be eager to know more about the message lying within the email, increasing your email open rate inadvertently.

Use Emojis

The world has grown very receptive of emojis, and if you employed one in your email, it makes it more receptible and relatable.

Avoid A Subject Line

Yeah – we see it too. We are going off-script with this one but it is a hack you can only use once for a specific subscriber.

No Subject Line Stats

But according to research published by HubSpot, emails without a subject line get opened 8% more frequently than those with a subject line. So, Yes. Worth exploring.

Go humorous

Let loose a bit, crack a few jokes. If it comes to you naturally, it is a good initiative. But if you are not the good-jokes type, avoid them. TOTALLY!

A little wordplay. Owing to the fact that we are working towards having your email as precise as possible, keep the jokes short and punchy. This increases the email open rate.

Indicate New Products

In case you have new releases, ranging from posts to other products, indicating it in the subject line is catchy enough to drive your potential clients to open the email.

Use Statistics

According to Neil Patel, Headlines that use numbers attract lots of attention, and you can copy the same strategies with the tactics you use to craft compelling subject lines.

But you don’t have to use a list format for a subject line to encourage your viewers to open and read the emails you send.

Instead, you can use a powerful statistic or statement with a number. PLUS Fund uses a large statistic of 94% to draw attention to its subject line.


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