Easy Marketing Strategies You Can Use

By July 7, 2020 Blog, Marketing

Marketing strategies are not a work of magic, but rather many pieces of a puzzle brought together to deliver an amazing final product.

Without marketing, your business will not survive. Therefore, you will need a comprehensive marketing plan to help you stay afloat.

It is an all-inclusive plan with goals and targets towards a projected growth without which business is destined for rocky operation.

As a small or young business, it does not make business sense to going for high-cost advertising because on top of running on low budgets, immediate returns to boost the finance standing are not guaranteed. There are marketing strategies you can set your company on and they will work.

The rise in digital marketing has made it all the easier for the small business owner to find a way to create a presence and attract an informed buyer.

Simple Marketing Strategies You Ought To Use

I know you are here for some simple marketing strategies so here we go:

1. Use Flyers

Cheap advertising doesn’t get any better than this. This method works best if you distribute it through your physical business area. Keep the information on the flyer brief, highlighting what products/services with your contact information properly outlined.

2. Do Blogging

If you are not doing it already, please start now. It will help you rank high in search engines and you can as well include prompts for people to sign up for your email list, hence growth

3. Scrub Your Email List

Email scrubbing is removing unengaged subscribers from your email list so that you can market only to people who want to receive your emails. Email marketing is a gold mine. This will drastically improve the email open rates.

4. Have a website

Your website is one of the first points of interaction with your consumers, so you may want to start well and impress them. Technology is evolving and consumers expect to navigate through your website with as little hard time as possible. Websites which are not user-friendly can lose you customers and cost you money. It is one of the lasting marketing strategies.

5. Set Up A Hotline

This is Customer Relationship Management 101. Your customers need to know that they can reach out to you at any moment in time. And Yes – open your DMs. There is no reason to restrict access to your DMs. Cancel the chatbots and have actual attendants respond to your customers.

6. Referrals

Ask for those referrals. Referrals are often overlooked despite being a reliable source of high-quality lead generation and as part of your sales process can help salespeople establish trust. You can use CRM Metrics well to help you determine the rate at which referrals for your services and product are being made. A happy customer can easily refer others to you for business.

Your competition is not always your enemy. If you are too busy to take a job, throw it their way. Most times you will find the favor returned. Besides, it can be bad for your reputation if a customer has to wait too long.

7. Do Follow-Ups

Following up is equal keeping the customer informed with relevant data every step of the sales process. It cultivates a relationship between seller and prospect and builds trust between the two. It’s vital to keep your prospects updated by sending follow up emails, making as many phone calls as necessary, and relaying required information.

8. Use Social Media

Social Media Marketing is essential, and ake sure to have a social selling strategy. There are at least 4 billion social media accounts all round and chances are high those searching for your products are on social media (e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Respond to their queries and share information relevant to their searches.

Companies who use social selling practices regularly are 40% more likely to hit their revenue goals than those who don’t have a social selling process.

9. Use Posters

This is a hit-or-miss method, but you should try to make your poster reasonably visible and have removable tabs that the customers can present for a discount. Make each location a different color, so that you can get an idea from the tabs where the most leads are being generated.

10. Host A Webinar

Free webinars introduce your brand and product to a wider audience. The more appealing the topic, the better you’ll attract interest.

Webinars take time. You’ve got to brainstorm topics, plan the webinar, and spread the word. The benefits, however, are immense.

11. Involve In Twitter Chats

Twitter Chats have become essential. It is a trackable conversation if hashtags are taken into account. In a recent article on gathering B2B sales leads, HubSpot Sales Blog writer Meg Prater says, “Twitter chats are when a group of people meets on Twitter to discuss a certain topic, trend, or interest area using an agreed-upon hashtag.

You can do more than write information on a specific trend. You can also do social listening. You will be able to understand the wants of your prospects.

12. Use Video

Make your outreach even more enticing to prospects by including a video. Use it to introduce yourself, provide additional content, or to recap your connect, discovery, or qualification call.

13. Use hashtags

Like Neil Patel says, Hashtags are the billboards of the Internet.

This way, you can easily follow up on a conversation that concerns you. It is an interactive extension of your brand and has the potential to spread virally.

14. Use LinkedIn

Do you have a video on your LinkedIn profile? Did you know that you can easily add one? Why not take the time to introduce yourself and your business. Link that to your profile description. This is an easy way to passively market your business, and when it’s done right, it can lead to shocking results

Participate in LinkedIn groups to become known as an expert, and then post the link to your opt-in landing page when the time is right.

15. Facebook Sign Up

Add a signup button to your Facebook Page, and here is how you can go about it.




Reading through the above marketing strategies must have shown you that marketing isn’t supposed to be breaking your budget.


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