Digital Marketing in Uganda (latest update 2020)

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The age of the internet is here. The age of Digital Marketing in Uganda is here. For the first time ever we saw ads on the internet spending surpursed those of traditional TV and Media. This alone goes to show how powerful Digital as a form of media is. As a business, you can not afford to ignore digital as a part of your strategy. Doing this will lead to the demise of your business.

Marketing has always been about meeting your leads/prospects where they are. If they are now on the internet then meet them on the internet.

But before we dive into Digital marketing, lets first try and understand marketing.

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Understanding Marketing:

This is the most important segment of every company yet most startups tend to put the least efforts towards this. Keep in mind the role of marketing is about 2 things:

  • How do you make more and more leads/ prospective clients come to you each month?
  • How do you make your brand look better month after month?

Every business survives on its ability to create more business each month. If no resources, time or effort are dedicated to creating more business then how do you anticipate to grow your business?

Segments within marketing:

  1. Content creation
  2. Distribution channel
  3. Analysis of marketing Data

Content Creation

Everything marketing is about content. The more content you provide to your clients that relates to them, the better they relate to your company.

The better the quality of content provided the more reputable your company looks

Content types

a) Video: Video is the most highly rated type of content. 80% of buying decisions are attributed to video. It is recommended investing a little more resources in video content than written. It’s much easier to sell your story in video as opposed to written content.

b) Text: Don’t get me wrong, I know video is more powerful at making the purchase decisions but text is crucially relevant. It plays a huge part in how content is discovered.

c) Audio: Audio has become more and more relevant over the years. About 40% of voice searches on google are now made by voice especially through devices like Google Home and Alexa. This is projected to grow over the next few years. Positioning your content to adapt to the growth of voice is mandatory.

All these types of content are important for your business. You as a CEO need to strike some sort of balance towards producing all this content

Content Distribution:

What kind of business are you running? Is it a B2B or a B2C?

If that is known? What are you trying to achieve? Is it links back to your site? Is it views? Engagements? Each of these questions leads to a different answer. If you are in B2B LinkedIn would be most ideal, in B2C Facebook, IG would work best. Looking for click backs to your website? Pinterest would be number 1 for you. Targeting Youths, Snapchat or TikTok would work best.

So much testing is involved in this. Put more focus on the opportune platform but still post everywhere.


Marketing is about testing and re-testing then retargeting what is working and ditching what is not. Analytics help in answering some of the questions you may have. Things like what is working, what isn’t being answered by this segment.

How do you visualize and analyze what is working and what isn’t?

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What is the Marketing Mix

Its includes the 4 P’s: According to Wikipedia, The traditional marketing mix refers to four broad levels of marketing decision, namely: productpricepromotion, and place



Digital marketing involves the use of the internet or electronic channels to reach out to your customers or leads. One can leverage things like Search engines, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, your website or literally any channels out there to reach out to customers.

It’s prudent that you prioritize inbound digital marketing as a way of clients reaching out to you as opposed to you going out to hunt for them.

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The internet has over half the world’s population on it. Marketing is about being where the people are and if they are on the internet then as a business is on the internet.

The advantage of the internet is you can track the ROI. It’s easier to determine how many leads and sales came in from Google ads than those who came in from a billboard. This makes marketing more predictable and as a company, you want more predictability. This will save you more by investing in what is proven to work


  1. Search engine optimization: By making your content more discoverable on Google and other search engines, we make it easier to find us. Take an example by writing relevant content when someone is searching for Where can I get Dog food? Positioning yourself as one of the first results will bring in lots of free traffic.
  2. Social media page management: Social media is a fundamental part of consumers day to day lives. It is crucial that as a business you find the best way of relating to your customers through these. Platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin, TikTok and others are core to social media management
  3. Content marketing. How do people know about what you do? How much you charge, why they should use you? Populate your website and other blogs like medium with relevant information about your business. Your marketing team or marketing agency should be in a position to do this. Blog posts, infographics, e-books, and white papers are great content to distribute.
  4. Strategy formulation: Before you even start doing any marketing, it’s relevant you come up with the strategy to deploy such that what is being done actually makes sense.
  5. Video creation, shooting, and editing: Video attributes to 80% of purchase decisions. It is much easier for people to understand your service offering in video form than in text. The more video you provide, the easier it is for your company to sell and attract more business.
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Email Automation:
  8. SMS Marketing
  9. Whatsapp marketing


Digital is one of the cheapest modes of marketing globally. From as little as 50,000 Ugx you can start a digital marketing campaign. Contact us to know how this can be pulled off.

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Ready to start digital marketing? Here is what’s next

If you need any help with Digital marketing in Uganda, reach out to us. We will help you with all the above services.

However, if you do not need our help, we would recommend starting with the formulation of digital marketing strategy

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