Business Management Software

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A business management system is a software you can use to run all or certain aspects of your business. They are built to increase the efficiency of operations within the company through software.

Business operations comprise several departments/sections to ease operations. These departments vary from company to company depending on the needs but as a standard, these are the departments most businesses have

  • Sales department
  • Marketing department
  • Customer care department
  • Accounting
  • Project management
  • Human resource

As a default, business management softwares are intended to help you manage each of those aspects of your business easily.

What is expected of business management software

  1. Business management softwares have to synchronize your data across several departments of your company. This is required so that even as your business grows data from one department is available across the entire organization
  2. They have to be diverse to include several features necessary
  3. Scalability
  4. Integration with other third-party systems

Standard Features on every business management software:

a) CRM (Customer Relations Management):

Every business management software is built around CRM. CRM is short for customer relations management. According to Wikipedia, ┬áis an approach to manage a company’s interaction with current and potential customers. Most business management software has inbuilt CRM’s as features.

b) Sales Feature:

  • Pipelines: These help track stages that a given salesperson is at in any deal
  • Deals: These are intended to state which deals are currently being pursued by salespeople

c) Marketing features:

Marketing has evolved, there are so many diverse ways to communicate with clients lately from social media sites like messenger, twitter, SMS, Viber, WhatsApp. Your marketing

  • Social Media management tools

d) Customer care features:

  • Ticketing: These provide tickets intended to create support measurability.


Top Business management Softwares

1. Hubspot

Strength: United States


Hubspot is one of the largest business management software in the united states. They provide a unique business management tool ideal for large corporations

Price: $50- $4200 per month depending on the product being taken up.


  • Billed annually.
  • The price is dependant on the contacts

2. Holded

Strength: Latin America

Holded is one of the most powerful business management tools built for Europe. The company according to their contact us page. They dream of putting the world’s best technologies into the hands of every business, entrepreneur, and freelancer.

Depends on the services you are taking up it ranges from

Price: $10-$50 per service per month

3. Zoho one

Strength: India/ Asia

Zoho was built in India. It provides a platform called Zoho one. Zoho one provides a suite of several software that can be used for business management. The video below helps give a better understanding of Zoho one

Price: $35- $90 per user.

Dependant on the contacts

4. Salesforce

Strength: Europe

The company listed on the NYSE is ideal for large corporations. the company puts CRM at the core of its business. They serve mostly listed corporations in the USA. To get a better understanding of Salesforce below is the video

Price: $1200- $4000 per month with 10k contacts

5. MonkeyPesa

Strength: Africa

Monkeypesa is a business management software that was built in Africa for the world. The company built a solution for the world and re-customized it to the world at a more than affordable price.

The company localized business management for Africa including the local taxes, payment methods and local currencies to factor in how both the locals and internationals transact on the continent. The platform is launching officially on Oct 1st, 2020 but Beta access is available for select businesses which you can request for by the link

Pricing $9.99 to $39.99 per user per month