Business Ideas to venture into in Africa for 2020

By December 16, 2019 News

The team at monkeypesa sat and scrutinized business ideas you could deploy in Africa with or without money. This could work as a side business or your start to small scale entrepreneurship. If you are new to this channel, please subscribe 

  1. Agribusiness. Starting an agriculture project is the easiest thing to do. We see some people starting tomato growing right from there barkyard in sacks. 
  2. Rental real estate brokerage. All you need is a Facebook or Twitter page and you are good to go. People are always shifting and looking for new places to stay. The first place they always look is either social media pages or google. By simply listing the houses you have online there are high chances of getting some money. With the current rate of rural to urban migration. This is going to be a booming business
  3. Tutoring: Parents are willing to pay more and more each year for their children to perform better. We see parents in Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria and more parts of Africa bringing bright people or teachers to help their children out. Positioning yourself as an expert could bring in a lot of side income as a tutor especially from high school and college students. 
  4. Social media influencer. With the internet age have come quite a number of jobs. Social influencers make an average of $150 monthly. With a huge following on any page, more and more companies are willing to pay individuals to promote their products. 

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