Bitpesa Company Profile- What is Bitpesa

Bitpesa is a fintech company that leverages BTC crypto currency to facilitate cheaper and faster payments for individuals and companies in Africa and other Frontier Markets. The Company is headed by Elizabeth Rosalio.

It was Founded in 2013, BitPesa was the first blockchain company to be licensed by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority and follows stringent KYC practices


It supports Several currencies including:

  1. NGN
  2. UGX
  3. GHS
  4. TZS
  5. GBP
  6. EUR
  7. XOF
  8. AED
  9. ZAR
  10. JPY
  11. USD

How the platform works:

  1. Create an account with or via
  2. Select New transaction.
  3. Input the currency you would like to transfer with eg NGN to ZAR
  4. Then set how much you would like to transfer
  5. Include the recipients details that could be either bank account or Mobile money
  6. You would then be provided a module of payment either bank or mobile money depending on how much you are transferring
  7. Upon payment the transfer is completed

Company name: Bitpesa Ltd


CEO: Elizabeth Rosalio

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