6 Ways To Do Social Media Right

By February 24, 2020 Blog, Marketing

The new wave is Digital marketing, and social media plays a very huge role in it. If you are to do internet marketing, you have to be doing social media right.

Do social right, and have social media marketing running smoothly.

According to research stats, there was a 9% increase of social media users from  2018 bringing the number to 3.8 billion people.

Social network concept with smiling young people holding smartphones in front of big white wall.

With all these eyes watching and on social media, marketers still find it hard to penetrate the market. It seems easy but marketers ditch the obvious steps hence pushing away traffic from themselves when they employ unfruitful strategies.

Below, we outline a few practices that can be used by social media marketers to gain traffic and numbers on their different plans.

Don’t Try Too Hard

It may not be as effective as you think to post constantly on social media. The use of hashtags all over the place is a shortcut to success and it becomes annoying for potential customers.

Use Visuals

Anywhere, images and videos make the message more colorful. Avoid a dull timeline by using a number of these – they are enticing and could be the reason potential clients stay on your wall/timeline and check out everything you have on offer.  Everything looks better with visual aids.

Use of Graphics as applied by MonkeyPesa

Optimize for mobile

Did You Know?  Out of 10 users 9 access social media via mobile. The goal is, ideally, to be apt and target these 9.

There are ways to look out for your mobile device optimization.

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Ensure your website displays correctly. If users click through to your website through social media, you want to present them with a great layout they can quickly use and understand. Ensure to have a mobile-first responsive site.

Coordinate the social appearance and ensure that your profile picture, cover photo, and any media you share displays well on mobile.

Converse and Convert

Relate with your following, lest you come off as a promotional robot.

Much as analytics of likes shares, comments and quotes and tags are vital the real business is in conversion rates. The internet is awash with strategies for boosting conversion rates, and the best methods are based on proven psychological principles.

Get Creative

There is no template anywhere on what to post on Twitter, Facebook LinkedIn or whichever platform. It all gets back to the social media marketer and what message they want to pass forward. Create your own content and methods of pushing it.

Check Out Other Networks

Facebook, Twitter Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are arguably the Famous Five. But there are more social media platforms being launched every passing day and people are getting logged in on them just as well. Different audiences prefer different networks. And it’s your job as a marketer to learn which social media platforms will give you the best return on investment.

Of the above social media networks, how many have you explored?

As a social media marketer, the platforms give a well-equipped arsenal to use in the battle to get into conversations and convert to sales. Lest we forget, with technology advancement, there will be changes in behavior so the market needs to take note of the trends and make sure to keep the brand relevant with respect to the trends.


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