20 Reasons why your blog is not getting Traffic

By March 19, 2020 Blog, Marketing

You could be wondering why your site is not getting much traffic yet you are trying your best to do everything right. The level of your impressions is increasing but there are no clicks or the conversion rate is slow low? And you are seriously wondering what is not happening or what is going! Not getting Google traffic to your website is one of the top challenges for business owners.

Blogging can be a little bit frustrating if you are not getting traffic and feels lonely because it’s stressing in the long run. It’s more like opening up a new supermarket and a week ends without getting any buyer that would automatically mean that you are operating under losses and of course the end result is stress.

And so many times you sit and look down asking yourself why your blog isn’t getting traffic.

Here are the reasons why your blog is not finding traffic.

You just got started.

Usually blogging or writing is not something that you do to night and then wake up in the next morning or next day and find 1000 clicks or more than that but it is a process that takes time and patience along with persistence. Therefore if you are just a starter , take your time and write very nice articles and eye catching blogs and posts then traffic will come your way later.

Having a site that is not indexed.

If your site is not indexed then it’s not popular and Google spiders will not send you traffic. Indexing means the act of classifying and providing an index in order to make items easier to retrieve. It can be done by Google and other search engine sites however as your site gets indexed, the more it  gains popularity the more the Google spiders continue to index your content to get more traffic in the long run.

If your site is not ranked on page one.

If your articles are not appearing on the first page of Google when a search is performed then you are likely not to gain any traffic because usually people check the first five sites on Google and don’t go beyond that and therefore in case you are appearing on page two or beyond you may never see traffic come your way.

Your headlines are not interesting

If the headlines of your posts suck then don’t think you will ever get traffic. Headlines that are so length usually turn out to be so boring and irritating and for that therefore readers may just skip them simply because they are occupying so much of their time and may be they are even making them feel dizzy.

Your search engine optimization is very weak

If your content is not good at all then don’t expect to be ranked among the first five appearing on Google page. Remember there are so many companies that are blogging, writing and posting and therefore to make it on the first pages you must be among the best of the best, and so what do you need to do that, you must make sure that you are using the right key words, include title tags, internal links and meta tags to simply appear among the best because missing one of these factors might cause very low rankings.

Your target key words are not good enough

Target keywords are essential in writing and must be emphasized throughout the whole content especially at the beginning, in title tags and Meta tags but if your target key words are not really good enough then you won’t be able hit traffic because Google spiders also give priority to key words for your to appear in the first in the search engine results page. Therefore you must improve your keywords at least to produce the best of the best. First do research about your key words, see how many bigger bloggers are using them, and find out which key words are unique before anything else. Once you know exactly which keywords that people use, you need to create content specifically for those keywords. During your keyword research, create a list of keywords that are relevant to your audience and that are searched more than 500 times per month

Your writings are not relevant

If you are a blogger it’s always good to first conduct research about what you are going to write about and the key words you are going to use. Next is to understand clearly and know your audience and the kind of content that you should actually portray before these people. Knowing your audience is such an important factor in that it helps you to know about what you are going to write about, what you are going to include in your content, whether to make it visual or not, whether to target the youth or old people and very many other things that you need to first put in place before the actual writing starts.

Having a few or weak backlinks

When Google visits your site and finds out that the backlinks you have on your site are of a higher authority then it’s likely to rank you among the first results search because of high quality backlinks.  Therefore for your content to appear among the first pages of Google you must include in very many backlinks from authorized pages. Meanwhile weak or few backlinks might make content to be thrown aside by the Google spiders. Backlinks can be gotten from different forums or pages

Your blog posts are too short

According to Yoast, a blog post should have at least 300 words to rank well. If you write at least a thousand words or more, you are more likely to rank well. But from Backlinko’s, the average blog post length on Google search results page one has 1,890 words!The more words you have, Google is able to differentiate how useful and relevant your blog post is. When your blog post is shorter, there is less information for Google to process and comprehend. This is working on the assumption that the more you say the more comprehensive and useful your blog article is so check your word count and aim for at least 1,500-2000 words.

Inconsistency in posting

Of course if you want your readers to enjoy your website then you must post frequently because these users get time for their social media platforms and websites on a daily basis therefore for you to thrive through and grow your website you must post consistently. To build a royal readership you must post daily.

Your content isn’t worth it.

You are writing posts that people are finding boring or irrelevant. Irrespective of how good you may be in writing as long as your content is not worth it and in line with what your audience wants in terms of listening to your audience and helping solve their problems then you will not see any single piece of traffic or anyone stopping by to read your content. Your content is the major reason why people visit your blog therefore if your content sucks then traffic will flop.

Unsharable content

Creating unsharable content is one thing that can cost a businessman or woman in terms of generating traffic. A study by Branded3 confirmed that Google’s search results are at least somewhat based on the number of Tweets. In the study they found a direct correlation between number of tweets and search result rankings. URLs with more than 7,500 tweets, on average, held the 5th spot for their keyword. This makes sense too. If people are sharing your blog post, that’s a good sign that it’s worth a bump up in the search results.

Little time given to promotion of posts.

No matter how epic your content is, if you have no brand/website authority, no one will find it in a search engine or newsfeed that’s why you have to aggressively promote your content. Research says spend 20% of your time on creating and 80% on marketing your blog posts! You can promote your new blog posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, emails for email subscriber’s list, tell your subscribers about your new blog post! Get them to read it. The more your posts are seen the higher the chances of being shared and the more the chances of fetching traffic.

 Having a few social media followers

Having a few social media followers is one of the things that can cost you traffic. If you have a few followers then your blog posts will be seen by very few people thus the click rate and conversion rate will also be low and of course even traffic.

Boring headlines.

Headlines are so crucial in writing blogs and content because it is the first thing that readers see before they decide whether to go ahead and visit your site. If your headline looks boring from the first sight then trust me you will not get anyone visiting your side.

                      The right flow of a good headline

Ignoring the use of external and internal links.

Use of both internal and external links is a good way to promote your blog and other peoples’ blogs. Internal links link to your own website and blog posts while externals go to other websites and other people’s blog posts.

External and internal links are important in a way that;

  • It makes your blog post more valuable.
  • It makes other content on the subject easier for Google to find.
  • I’ve found that one of the best ways to get backlinks is to start by linking to other bloggers.

Slow website

Most people are impatient and therefore expect website to load so fast. If your website takes too long to load, people will abandon it and tap on the back button. According to research by Maile Ohye said, 2 seconds is the threshold for ecommerce website acceptability. At Google, they aim for under a half second to encourage users to continue using Google, they aim to provide a good website loading experience. And a good website loading speed plays a role in the algorithm. If your competitors’ websites are loading faster than yours, Google will rank them ahead of you.

Irrelevant content.

Bear in mind that you are not writing for everyone; write articles that are specifically about one industry, topic or niche. Know your market and stick to it. Don’t go off topic otherwise you will lose your audience.

Low engagement with your social media users.

Giving little time to your audience is really terrible because it might make some of your followers unfollow you. Be engaging with your audience, comment on their posts, like and share, reply to their messages, have solutions to their problems and make them feel comfortable while engaging with you this will build a stronger relationship.

Bad website user experience.

If you are not really getting traffic then it could probably be because of bad user experience. If your website is not friendly nor attractive then no one will want to visit it even if your content is good and all your posts are good too but as long as you website is not friendly then don’t expect to see traffic.

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