11 Ways To Increase CRM Adoption

By May 17, 2020 May 19th, 2020 Blog, CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has been put into great use over the last few years and currently most of the businesses are using the CRM solution to manage most of their businesses. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can provide a huge number of benefits to an organization, from increased productivity to closing more sales. Additionally, CRM softwares provide a high level of efficiency and an organized flow to your business

Because there is an easier way of managing customer’s related data, through the use of CRM software, people are throwing away the old traditional manual methods of recording and handling information relating to customers. CRM softwares allow you to keep the consumer data safe and clutter-free. They help you eliminate the manual methods of data entry, which aren’t only time consuming but also prone to mistakes

The newly adopted method of handling data and information concerning customers is what is referred to as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), as defined by Monkeypesa, Customer Relationship Management Refers to an approach to manage a company’s interaction with current and potential customers using data analysis about customers’ history with a company to improve business relationships with customers, specifically focusing on customer retention and ultimately driving sales growth

Irrespective of the fact that most of the companies are using CRM adoption to manage their businesses most of them are still facing issues related to adoption and this has become a big setback to most businesses. We are going to discuss how we can adopt the use of CRM so that all those challenges that were acting as stumbling blocks are eliminated.


1. Engage users’ or employees right from the start

When you introduce a new system into the organization by human nature you will always need to train the users about the use of the new system taking an assumption that they don’t know how to use it. When you train your employees about how to use the new system, tell them the advantages, how it’s going to be of help, how the amount of their work will be reduced and how the risks that used to occur due to use of manual means are going to be reduced, Clearly demonstrate to those involved how the new system will benefit them. Ask for user feedback. Be sure to listen to the feedback, and incorporate suggestions when appropriate. This makes them develop a positive feeling and a good sense towards the new system and many will want to use it after finding out that its user friendly and doesn’t affect their daily lives thus adopting the use of the new software.

2. Reward the excellent users.

A reward is a motivator and according to human nature, they will always want rewards, when one group is rewarded for excellent performance, the other groups are motivated to do the same so that they can be rewarded as well. Check out how many of your employees have used the CRM system and how they have used it then think about rewarding those who use it well. The reward system is a great way to get everyone started and moving in the same direction. For instance you can look out on how many visits have been registered within the system or how many transactions were made and are clearly registered and see how effective those users have been and the accuracy of their data too then you can choose the best performers and reward them so that the other workers are moved to copy the same as well.

3. Appoint a CRM trainer

When a new system is introduced in the company, there are those who already have some prior knowledge about it or those who can pick fast when given a little knowledge during the train (the fast learners). Therefore you can choose one who already has some prior knowledge or the fast learner and make them the ambassador or the trainer so that he or she can as well train others. The trainer can be in charge of designing training routines and guidelines, encourage data quality and also follow up on users if they have any queries or inquires and finding out whether they are doing something right or wrong. The trainer can also design and facilitate work group sessions to come up with best practices, and document the results. The trainer can be recommended as an expert in the system, and have a certain authority in the company to be able to carry out the CRM initiative and improve its adoption.

4. Train your employees about the use of CRM

Being a new system in the company, your employees might not be aware about it or a few might be aware of it yet it is used by most of the workers and of which some might not even be aware about its use, here comes a need to train all your employees wholesomely. You may choose to set aside time for training your employees depending on their departments. You might even want to create specific training for the various business departments since they all execute different tasks. For instance you can say those in the marketing department should learn how to register and follow up leads, whereas a sales department needs to know how to create a sale and follow a set sales process as well as the clients. Make sure the training and the implementation of the system are mandatory that will ease the process of adopting the CRM system.

5. Create a guide for your trainers and the employees

Being a new system and quite tricky, it might require you to design a guide routine for your trainers and even employees who are being trained especially slow learners. A CRM routine guide should bear the type of information the users should capture in the CRM system, how to use the information, where to use, why they should use it, whom to use it to and who is responsible for using it. It also reinforces the actions and behaviors you want your end-users to take in order to achieve business goals and more for those who might not take in the information easily, it becomes easier for them to always check in daily or anytime they are going to use the system, this will ease the rate of adoption.

For any new changes, remember to update this routine guide continuously to reflect changes whether they are upgrades or complete new changes, just keep the update on for your users, these updates should be available for your employees on the intranet, central project or shared drive especially those using the system.

6. Make the system easy and friendly for your users.

Employees will always want something that is user friendly and doesn’t consume so much of their time or even getting them into deep thinking. This therefore means that you have to make your CRM system easy and user friendly so that employees can get attracted and like it the more. The CRM should make life easier for the users, not harder. Therefore, the CRM administrator in your company should tailor the solution to reflect the way your users work. Users hate interfaces cluttered with irrelevant information, so leave only those choices your team will need to use for that day. This makes users not to feel that the information is much and boring or hard to understand thus many will be taking up the use and adoption of the system so fast.

7. Make sure that your employees have mobile access

Limiting the use of your CRM system within the company premises won’t be friendly to your employees therefore giving them mobile access would be better especially to those who work  remotely and while on the move, selecting a CRM solution that provides mobile access is quite important. Mobile access allows users to work while on the go and never miss on an update.

8. Make it fun

Many employees enjoy learning something new when it’s fun as compared to serious trainings that companies conduct usually. You can choose to make it fun by rewarding the best performers so that the other employees are also attracted by the same competition. Having a clean and healthy competition in the workplace is good as long as you are not making other workers to feel high over others. You can also organize training competitions to drive up their adoption rates by organizing regular competitions within their companies for example by giving incentives to those employees working in departments using your CRM tool and also those who are adopting its usage, make this competition a regular affair and announce the names of the winners, this will pull out even the slow learners to compete.

9. Convey to your workers the benefits

Being a new software system whereby everything looks like it’s going to get computerized, some workers may be scared thinking that they may be laid off since the amount of work they have been doing will be reduced by the system, this is a myth!!!! Tell them the benefits of the new system, show them how it is going to ease their work load too, tell your employees how the new CRM adoption program will drive their productivity otherwise employees may be resistant to change due to the myths attached to the new software thus slowing down its adoption rate.

10. Involve your employees in the planning process of introducing a new software system.

Employees feel more valued and part of the company when they are consulted and engaged in the planning process for something new to be introduced, this doesn’t only reduce the rejection of your new plans but they also contribute their innovative and creative ideas towards implementing the new system and this is a great improvement in the relationship between you and your employees and how they are going to welcome the new system. Making your CRM purchase decision with your team’s effort will certainly increase CRM adoption rates. You can engage your employees by;

  • Interviewing your employees about their productivity and what they thick can be done to boost it.
  • Get feedback from all your employees about the questions you asked them
  • Ask executives and key decision makers what they need

11. Do thorough research about the new system before taking a decision to purchase it.  

There are various types of CRM software’s therefore it’s advisable to make a good comprehensive research before you buy one depending on the business type and also the nature of your employees. You are ought to select the best CRM software that will meet all your business needs depending on your goals or what you intend to achieve. When researching about the CRM software to use try to engage your employees because they are more aware about some of your business needs and also give them a chance to suggest for you the CRM software that would suit your business and its needs and also ask them which one they think would be user friendly, whether it meets their requirements or not, the views of other users and finally whether customers would support it or not. This information is important for both your employees, customers and your business, this will be of great help and the adoption rate will be fastened too.

Final thoughts and words

CRM software adoption is not something that is done and finished in a single day but it’s a process that takes time until the employees are used to it and enjoying.

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