10 Easy Tips To Grow Your Facebook Following

By February 19, 2020 Blog, Marketing

Do you ever wonder why you don’t have a huge following on Facebook!  And do you ever think about how you can grow your Facebook following?

Marketing, anywhere, is a game of numbers and if you are to use Facebook, you need to grow your numbers to be able to reach more people, which may translate into more sales.

Facebook has been one of the fastest-growing social media platforms since its creation in 2004, currently with over 2.4 billion monthly active users. What does this communicate to you? This means that most of the people are engaged with Facebook or they are Facebook users. Does this mean that you have so much audience following you on Facebook?  Not exactly!

Actually, Facebook reach has been declining over the years. For example: in 2016 the reach dropped by 52%. This is because more content is being published than the space available for it in the news feed. Know when to post on Facebook. 

More than 30 billion pieces of content are published every month on Facebook. The social media platform provides only the most relevant content to each user in order to increase engagement and optimize the user experience.

The content is tailored to each individual’s interests this goes along with the new Facebook algorithm which works by ranking all available posts that can display on a user’s news feed based on how likely that user will have a positive reaction. The new Facebook algorithm is based on four factors i.e. Inventory of all posts available to display, Signals that tell Facebook what each post is, Predictions on how you will react to each post and the Final score assigned to the content based on all the factors considered.  However, this shouldn’t discourage you from wanting to grow your Facebook following.

Let’s get you those likes, and grow your Facebook following

 Here, we present to you the best 10 strategies to help you grow your Facebook following.

 Share and create exclusive content

Fresh and premium content is a no-brainer if you are to grow your Facebook following. Well thought out content will bring people to your page for referrals, updates, and guidance.

Embrace the live stream!

Statistics have shown that live stream videos get 10 times more engagement than the traditional videos because most of these interactions are real-time and more so, you will have more push notifications sent out to your followers about the live stream.

Live videos help you grow your Facebook following.

A live video is a fantastic way to give your followers a raw look into your brand and the value you provide. For example, the Ask Me Anything sessions bring real engagement in real-time. How to create a Facebook Livestream.

It would, therefore, be wise to plan a concept about going live because live videos are going to hold a lot of weight in the time to come. This is an assured winner avenue to consider to grow your Facebook following.

 Be relevant

For you to grow your Facebook following, it translates that you and your content/brand are relevant. The major goal of your updates is to get people actively engaged in the content they are exposed to. Therefore, as a brand, your focus should be less of talking about yourself and more of addressing issues, concerns or common interests of your audience.

Be local

Go local. This is going to work wonders for you as regards trying to grow your Facebook following. Relate with your potential audience on their level. Involve with the communities. It may not be news per se but information and involvement with your local community are bound to help you grow your Facebook following.

Brands are now encouraged to do things like start fundraisers, attend/host events, collaborate with local businesses, and also get to know the people around them. What many brands are doing currently is starting their own podcast and inviting local guests or local businessmen. This is an awesome way to network and expose your wisdom to new local audiences.

 Focus on groups

Pay attention to the Facebook groups in your industry. This is because of a lot of meaningful interactions that occur on Facebook groups and tightly knit communities. These groups are formed around things like Digital marketers, TV and radio talk shows.

The interactions are generally positive and engaging because the people involved in those groups typically see each other as friends brought together by a common interest, as opposed to random strangers on the internet. Your brand will be both a direct and an indirect beneficiary.

An illustration of Facebook Group search

These groups will share insight on a product/service in your industry and how they hope it is delivered – indirect benefit. Once you come up with a solution, they will pay attention to you now hence helping you to grow your Facebook following – direct benefit.

For example Digital marketing or digital marketers.  By joining, following and participating in these types of groups, you get a lot of insight on direct issues people want dealt with and if your focus shifts to addressing these you are definitely on the right track towards growing your Facebook following.

Offer specials for Facebook audience engagement

Offering specials to your audience helps you, your new followers and anyone else who pays attention to get a whole new perspective about a given topic.

Offering incentives is a way of adding to, and keeping the conversation going to gain more likes, comments, and shares – impressions and engagement.

The kinds of incentives that can be given out to your audience include; being given a chance to ask or answer a certain question, winning a free eBook, seminar, free meal or even a gift. This is intended to encourage active engagement with your content and how each of those will benefit you and your audience.

Know when to boost or promote your content.

Promoting your post on Facebook is substantially important this helps a lot of your followers to see the post.

Knowing when to boost or promote your content is necessary and here are the three ways to boost your post on Facebook; Boost to your followers only, Boost to followers, their friends and family, Boost to the new audience through targeting.

An illustration of Facebook insights from a promoted post alongside non-promoted posts

The option chosen depends on the goal of the brand and the nature of content for example if you are finding solutions to business people then your target audience should be people with interests around entrepreneurship, small businesses and startups. This is a great way to get your content in front of more interested eyes while promoting your expertise.

Keep in mind, boosting a Facebook post can be very expensive, depending on how many people you want to reach. If you are aiming for the stars, the content must be of the highest quality and provide a level of value people cannot get anywhere else.


Personalize your content Messenger

The main benefit of messenger marketing or personalizing your content to the user is that it helps you reach your target audience, offers multiple campaigns boosts and also fetches higher clickthrough rates.

This usually happens when content posted on Facebook makes more sense to the users and followers or anyone else who pays attention.

Pay to reach your warm audience

Advertising to your existing pages increases the visibility of your post, this can be done by using paid ads that are relevant to your audience remember customer audience is the biggest marketing weapon.

Sponsor your videos and posts and retarget users who watch them for a notable amount of time. The more money and time paid for, the better the chances for you to grow your Facebook following.

Know Your Competition

Ask yourself these – Do you know who your competitors are? Do you know the kind of content that has made them your direct competitors? What are their peak engagement practices?

When you put collect answers to these questions, you can come up with a strategy to work ahead of your competition, satisfy your market, prove relevant and in turn, the conversations about you and your brand will help you to grow your Facebook following.

Obviously, the traction and effectiveness will not come overnight and the above pointers have to be observed over a while for the results to show metrically.


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